Origins of Skakin'


  1. John James by Toots and the Maytals on Original Ska (u/k)
  2. Oh Carolina by Byron Lee & the Dragonaires on Original Ska (u/k)
  3. Street Corner by The Skatalites on Original Ska (u/k)
  4. The Ska is the Limit by Laurel Aitken on Original Ska (u/k)
  5. Guns of Navarone by Blue Rivers and the Maroons on Oriniginal Ska (u/k)
  6. Occupation by Don Drummond on Original Ska (u/k)
  7. Monkey Man by Toots and The Maytals on Original Ska (u/k)
  8. 007 by Desmond Dekker and The Aces on Original Ska (u/k)
  9. Break
  10. That Girl by Christopher Cross on Every Turn of the World (Warner Bros)
  11. Congo War by Lord Brynner on More Intensified (u/k)
  12. Woman Come by Marguerita on More Intensified (u/k)
  13. What a Man Doeth by Eric Morris on More Intensified (u/k)
  14. Dr. Ring a Ding by Roland Al on More Intensified (u/k)
  15. Oh Man by Higgs and Wilson on The aggrovators (u/k)
  16. The Great Wuga Wuga by Sir Lord Comic on More Intensified (u/k)
  17. Special O by Rico on The Aggrovators (u/k)
  18. Beveral Dear by Jimmy Cliff on The Aggrovators Present (u/k)
  19. Most Love by Lloyd Clarke on The Aggrovators (u/k)
  20. Break
  21. Pat Mi Darling by Owen Gray on The Aggrovators (u/k)
  22. Baby Love Me by Laurel Aitken on The Aggrovators (u/k)
  23. Gypsy Gal by Derrick and Patsy on The aggrovators (u/k)
  24. Honey Not as Sweet by Chuck and Dobby on The Aggrovators (u/k)
  25. Girlrush by Lloyd Clarke on The Aggrevators (u/k)
  26. Mash It 1&2 by Owen Gray on The Aggrevators (u/k)
  27. The King St Walk by Theo Beckford on The Aggrevators (u/k)
  28. Jacqui by T Joe on the aggrovators (u/k)
  29. Call Your Name Forever by The Blues Busters on The Aggrovators (u/k)
  30. In Love with You by The Hi Tones on The Aggrovators (u/k)