1. Illusion by Silent Servant on Shadows of Death and Desire (Hospital Productions)
  2. SHFTR_CA#BB1 by NYZ on Shftr Frq (The Death Of Rave)
  3. Rebirth 4 by Rabit on Toe in the Bardo Pond EP (Halcyon Veil)
  4. Mona Lisa (feat. Rick Owens) by Tommy Cash on ¥€$ (Platoon)
  5. Gantz Graf by Autechre on Gantz Graf (Warp)
  6. Quadraluv by Overmono on Whities 019 (Whities)
  7. B.A.D. by Pavel Milyakov on Eastern Strike (Passvet)
  8. Never Rhythm Game by Nathan Micay on Never Rhythm Game b/w Team Player (ESP Institute)
  9. Blue Pedro by Bullion on Blue Pedro (The Trilogy Tapes)
  10. Persistent by Ian Isiah on Shugga Sextape (Vol. 1) (UNO NYC)
  11. Godmother by Holly Herndon & Jlin & Spawn on Godmother (4AD)
  12. Loss Response by Silent Servant on Shadows Of Death And Desire (Hospital Productions)
  13. Timing and Lighting by James Place on Still Waves To A Whisper (Umor Rex)
  14. Gabriel's Message by Telefon Tel Aviv on Gabriel's Message (Unreleased)
  15. Time's Arrow by Prurient on Time's Arrow (Hydra Head Records)
  16. Scisssssssors by Xiu Xiu on Girl with Basket of Fruit (Polyvinyl Records)
  17. Bloom by Silk Road Assassins on State of Ruin (Planet Mu)
  18. Solemn Castle by Carola Baer on The Story Of Valerie (Concentric Circles)
  19. Many Gods, Many Angels by Lee Gamble on In A Paraventral Scale (Hyperdub)
  20. Animal Estate (feat. Yorgia Karidi) by Jay Glass Dubs on Epitaph (Boken Versions)
  21. Gas Cutter by Scandinavian Star on SOLAS (Posh Isolation)
  22. M'aidez by Liberez on Way Through Vulnerability (Alter)
  23. Summer Rain by HTRK on Dying of Jealousy (Ghostly International)
  24. Water Music by Kelly Moran on Ultraviolet (Warp)
  25. Derelict Intentions by Liberez on Way Through Vulnerability (Alter)
  26. Theoria / Aleph by Randall Dunn on Beloved (Figureight)