Ep 55: "spelled with a zero"

Producer and multi-faceted recording artist Drew Banga, who's playing 1015 Folsom on December 20th with Thundercat and Same Girls.

instagram: @iluvmondaysbfffm

twitter: @iluvmondaysWill

email: iluvmondaysBFFfm@gmail.com


  1. Birthday Blues by Smokin' Ziggurats on Face the Jazz
  2. Worms by Cold Beat on Worms EP
  3. I Need a Slob by Naked Roommate on Naked Roommate
  4. It's the Right Time by W0RK on It's the Right Time
  5. Abq, NM by Yoy on Who R U?
  6. Retail Therapy by Field Medic on Boy from My Dream
  7. Ghosting by Scrim on Scrim
  8. Earthquake by Rays on You Can Get There From Here (Trouble in Mind)
  9. Soakin' Good by Drew Banga (textme records)
  10. Inner Space by Same Girls on Young Minded (textme records)
  11. Friend Zone by Thundercat on Drunk (Brainfeeder)
  12. Hate Me by Kilroi on mustn'ts
  13. Treat Me Like a Dog by Buzzed Lightbeer on Buzzed Lightbeer
  14. Orange Sunshine by Lofi Legs on Sonic Century
  15. Don't Let 'Em Bring You Down by Thriftys on Automatic Thought
  16. Waiting on the Sun by Eve's Peach on Climbing Bittersweet
  17. Ass Grabber by Bridal Party on Hot Daze
  18. Brick by Lower Self on Lower Self
  19. Theoretical by Rip Room on Monsters
  20. Debit Card by Turqouiz Noiz on Pray for Rain (Related Records)
  21. 14 by Friendless Summer on No Bad Days (Self Released)
  22. Southern States by Silverware on Not Yet
  23. Power's Out by Michael O. on Power's Out EP
  24. Lake House by Ziplock on EP (Processional Cross)
  25. Boy Bruise by Rose Droll on Your Dog (Father/Daughter Records)
  26. Thailand by Classic Hat on Classic Hat
  27. Tie Slow by Sour Widows on Big Girl's Bedroom EP
  28. Chevy Vega by Andrew St. James on Liberation Music.! For Boring People (Tricycle Records)
  29. I Held the Ring by Magic Trick
  30. 80ft me by Tony Jay
  31. Old Wounds by Try the Pie on Domestication
  32. Real Cool Guy by Blues Lawyer on Guess Work (Emotional Response)
  33. Say Yeah by Younger Lovers on Sugar in My Pocket
  34. Justin's House by Free Paintings on beer is free if you believe it is
  35. That's Fine by Toner on LP