A New Year, A New Hope

Happy New Year! Lily just couldn't sit still during her time off so she made this for you, featuring some of her favorite podcast pieces from 2018. These stories speak directly to themes from this show. From the personal to the political, from the absurdity of reality to the the sobering realness of fiction, buckle up for something beautiful that will hopefully inspire you to feel some hope and challenge you to keep fighting for what's good and decent in this world.

This broadcast features:

"Ep. 54: One Last Song" from Imaginary Advice (www.imaginaryadvice.com)

"Candle Hour" from Nocturne Podcast (www.nocturnepodcast.org)

"Episode 53: Himpathy (MEN, Part 7)" from Scene on Radio (www.sceneonradio.org/men)

"Maeve, Lamppost" from Everything is Alive (www.everythingisalive.com)


  1. Negative Space by Hookworms on Microshift (Domino Recording Company)
  2. Break
  3. Black Willow by Loma on Loma (Sub Pop)
  4. Break
  5. Takes One to Know One by Olden Yolk on Olden Yolk (Audiotree)
  6. Break
  7. In Another Life by Sandro Perri on In Another Life (Constellation Records)