The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #144

last of the year!

It's a vinyl only kinda-sorta best of the year!

Ambient start with a lot of lovely West Mineral Ltd releases, building up into some glitch, ambient and idm, and a bit of jungle to finish the show!

thanks for all the support this year, and here's to another amazing year of music!


  1. zlo by UON on zlo (Motion Ward)
  2. VVQ-SSJ by Pendant on Make Me Know You Sweet (Visit
  3. Solaris by UON on Untitled (West Mineral Ltd.)
  4. anc alt by Exael on collex (OUEST096) (West Mineral Ltd.)
  5. Nuwav2 by Terekke on Improvisational Loops (Music From Memory)
  6. Memories Of Angels by Sophia Loizou on Irregular Territories (Cosmo Rhythmatic)
  7. Gloup by North Sea Dialect on Local Guide (Numbers)
  8. - by Raime on Am I Using Content Or Is Content Using Me? (Visit
  9. - by Proc Fiskal on Proc Fiskal: The Highland Mob (HDB109D) (Hyperdub)
  10. - by Lee Gamble on Mnestic Pressure (Hyperdub)
  11. - by Zuli on Terminal (UIQ)
  12. - by Young Paint on Young Paint (Werk_Ltd)
  13. - by - (Visit
  14. - by Kindohm on RISC Chip (Visit
  15. - by Gabor Lazar on Unfold
  16. - by Richard Devine on Sort\Lave (Visit
  17. T69 Collapse by Aphex Twin