shainy sats - apre, floor cry, willie colón, against all logic

happy saturday!!! is everyone strugglin this week or is it jus me? oh well, ily still ~ enjoy!


  1. taal se taal // point lobos waves by -- on --
  2. Break
  3. unshaken by d'angelo on unshaken (rca)
  4. song 31 by noname, phoelix on song 31 (self-released)
  5. hello happiness by chaka khan on hello happiness (diary)
  6. braindrain by sun parade on shuggy mtn breakdown (lit33)
  7. all yours by apre on all yours (beach 91)
  8. happy together by floor cry on covers (772094)
  9. when we're dancing by twin shadow on forget (terrible)
  10. could be you by allah-las on calico review (kemado)
  11. camino al barrio by willie colón on el baquine de angelitos negros (codigo)
  12. nelson mandela by the specials on in the studio (chrysalis)
  13. who are you (skit) by royce da 5'9" on book of ryan (bonus track edition) (heaven)
  14. the moonbounce by koop on koop islands (diesel)
  15. know you by against all logic on 2012 - 2017 (other people)
  16. mantra by boyo on golden days (b-sides) (danger collective)
  17. rosebud by u.s. girls on in a poem unlimited (4ad)
  18. concept of time by millionyoung on rare form (mishu)
  19. ace in the hole - live from spotify san francisco by saint motel on spotify sessions (elektra)
  20. tie a yellow ribbon round the ole oak tree by dawn, tony orlando on legends (sony)