Episode 39: Dark Entries Records

Denley Hosts

All music from one of his favorite San Francisco labels Dark Entries.

DJ and record collector Josh Cheon moved from the east coast in 2006 and started Dark Entries in 2009.  They release and reissue rare underground 80s music and newer bands who reference that sound.  They work directly with legendary engineer George Horn at Fantasy Studios.

They got the name for the label from a 7″ single released by UK goth band Bauhaus in 1980.




  1. C.C.C.P.Calling by Tranceonic on New Crime (Dark Entries Records)
  2. Closer by Code K on Closer / Tam Tam (Dark Entries Records)
  3. Crusher by Trek With Quintronic on Landing Plus (Dark Entries Records)
  4. Mockingbird Dream by Patrick Cowley on School Daze (Dark Entries Records)
  5. Agua de Florida by Group Rhoda on Wilderless (Dark Entries Records)
  6. My Boy by Instant Music on Instant Music (Dark Entries Records)
  7. Lake by Max + Mara on Less Ness (Dark Entries Records)
  8. Maritime Tatami by Victrola on Maritime Tatami (Dark Entries Records)
  9. Closet Funk by Tom Ware on Tom Ware (Dark Entries Records)
  10. Radio Song by Nagamatzu on Shatter Days (Dark Entries Records)
  11. Nambu Line Dub by Cardopusher on Muscle Memory (Dark Entries Records)
  12. Hypnobeat by Kilian on Prototech (Dark Entries Records)
  13. Kennedy by Buzz on See You Sioux (Dark Entries Records)
  14. Eyes of Glass by East Wall on Eyes of Glass - Single (Dark Entries Records)
  15. Automatic Death by Die Form on Die Puppe (Original Mix) (Dark Entries Records)
  16. Watching Trees by Eleven Pond on Watching Trees (Dark Entries Records)
  17. La Machine á Rêver - Red Axes Edit by X Ray Pop on Nyx Tape (Dark Entries Records)
  18. Contemplation by Solid Space on Space Museum (Dark Entries Records)
  19. Don't Run Away by The Product on Alive Again (Dark Entries Records)
  20. Sideways - Charles Manier Remix by SMERSH on Sideways (Dark Entries Records)
  21. Courts or Wars by Second Layer on World of Rubber (Dark Entries Records)
  22. Moral Support by Parade Ground on The Golden Years (Dark Entries)
  23. Dead Eyes Opened by Severed Heads on Dead Eyes Opened (Dark Entries Records)
  24. Strandshow by System Liliputt on Harpa (Dark Entries Records)
  25. She's Invisible Now by Cold Beat on A Simple Reflection (Dark Entries Records)
  26. Imagination is Wild by Informatics on Dance to a Dangerous Beat (Dark Entries Records)
  27. Celebration by End of Your Garden on Celebration / Er Det Tirsdag Må Være Belgien (Dark Entries Records)