1. Love Supreme (Work Together!) by Ron Gallo on Stardust Birthday Party (New West)
  2. Comeback Kid by Sharon Van Etten on Comeback Kid (Jagjaguar)
  3. Thanks 4 Nothing by Nilüfer Yanya on Do You Like Pain? (ATO)
  4. Ark by Steve Gunn on Eyes On The Lines (Matador)
  5. To Hell With Poverty by Gang of Four on Return the Gift (Warner Bros.)
  6. Cuff by Illuminati Hotties on Kiss Yr Frenemies (Tiny Engines)
  7. Work by Club Night on Hell Ya (Tiny Engines)
  8. Tea, Milk, & Honey by Oh Pep! on Stadium Cake (Dualtone Recods)
  9. Say, Can You Hear by Men I Trust on Say, Can You Hear (Self Released)
  10. Lauren by Men I Trust on Lauren (Men I Trust)
  11. Please Leave Me My Mind by The Woggles on Please Leave Me My Mind (Wicked Cool)
  12. Ooga Booga Boogaloo by The Schizophonics on Ooga Booga (Pig Baby)
  13. Burden by The Two Tens on On Repeat (Man Della)
  14. Nausea, the Earth and Me by Cold Cave on Full Cold Moon (Heartworm)
  15. Nausea (Restructured) by Adult on Resuscitation (Ersatz Audio)
  16. Disco by Sextile on 3 (felte)
  17. Nosebleed Weekend by The Coathangers on Nosebleed Weekend (Suicide Squeeze)
  18. Take Me Home by SadGirl on Vol. Two (Hard Feelings)
  19. Back In Brooklyn by Half Waif on Lavender (Cascine)
  20. you're a shooting star, I'm a sinking ship by Whitney Ballen on You're A Shooting Star, I'm A Sinking Ship (Father/Daughter Records)
  21. Bad Love by Stephen Steinbrink on Bad Love (Western Vinyl)
  22. I Wanna Be Free by Stephen Steinbrink on Utopia Teased (Western Vinyl)
  23. Actress - Audiotree Live Version by Hand Habits on Hand Habits on Audiotree LIve (Hand Habits)
  24. Needles and Pins by The Searchers on Needles and Pins (BMG)
  25. 96 Tears by ? & the Mysterians on 96 Tears (Cameo)
  26. Nobody But Me by The Human Beinz on Nobody But Me (Capitol)
  27. Break
  28. Heart Made of Metal by Post Animal on When I Think of You in a Castle (Polyvinyl)