The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #147

all the jams! 

got some seagrave, some conditional, some uiq, some co-dependent, some classic house - get in!


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  1. Laif Of Smit by Brainwaltzera on Epi-Log EP (-) $ Buy
  2. Supratemporal Dissociations by Eric Frye (Visit $ Buy
  3. ATAXIA_D1 by Rian Treanor on ATAXIA (Planet Mu) $ Buy
  4. Bart's Jam by Betonkust & Palmbomen II on Parallel B (Visit $ Buy
  5. Madeira Drive by REQ on Tape Transport: 1994-2000 (Visit $ Buy
  6. iii's Front by Overmono on Whities 019 (Visit $ Buy
  7. 4 by NKISI on 7 Directions (UIQ) $ Buy
  8. Bola de Cristal by PAdrix on Album Desconhecido (-) $ Buy
  9. A Demon Of Rebellion by Mrs. Dink on CODE013 (Visit $ Buy
  10. APT. 2A by N.Y. House’n Authority on APT. (Visit $ Buy
  11. Rare High by Roza Terenzi on Mwah EP (Visit $ Buy
  12. Bell-Shaped Jar by Jake Mandell on Magnetic Resonance (Visit $ Buy
  13. dobb (Untitled) by calimba de luna on Test codes for the measurement of airborne noise (Visit $ Buy
  14. Points and Planes of Potential Future Violations by Cameron Shafii on Corpora Vilia (Visit $ Buy
  15. Untitled by Kit Clayton on Lateral Forces (Surface Fault) (Vertical Form ‎– VFORM006CD) $ Buy
  16. Supratemporal Dissociations by Eric Frye (Visit $ Buy
  17. SOA-5 by Mark Fell on Sentielle Objectif Actualité (Editions Mego) $ Buy
  18. Chat Four by Pontiac Streator & Ulla Straus on Chat (OUEST097) (Visit $ Buy
  19. Hell (for we) by TVO on Alembic ( $ Buy
  20. Sonnambulism by Morenas on Welcome To Paradise 89-93 (Vol. 1) (-) $ Buy
  21. Mutiny by Itzel on Basalt (Visit $ Buy