The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #147

all the jams!

got some seagrave, some conditional, some uiq, some co-dependent, some classic house - get in!


  1. Laif Of Smit by Brainwaltzera on Epi-Log EP
  2. Supratemporal Dissociations by Eric Frye (Visit
  3. ATAXIA_D1 by Rian Treanor on ATAXIA (Planet Mu)
  4. Bart's Jam by Betonkust & Palmbomen II on Parallel B (Visit
  5. Madeira Drive by REQ on Tape Transport: 1994-2000 (Visit
  6. iii's Front by Overmono on Whities 019 (Visit
  7. 4 by NKISI on 7 Directions (UIQ)
  8. Bola de Cristal by PAdrix on Album Desconhecido
  9. A Demon Of Rebellion by Mrs. Dink on CODE013 (Visit
  10. APT. 2A by N.Y. House’n Authority on APT. (Visit
  11. Rare High by Roza Terenzi on Mwah EP (Visit
  12. Bell-Shaped Jar by Jake Mandell on Magnetic Resonance (Visit
  13. dobb (Untitled) by calimba de luna on Test codes for the measurement of airborne noise (Visit
  14. Points and Planes of Potential Future Violations by Cameron Shafii on Corpora Vilia (Visit
  15. Untitled by Kit Clayton on Lateral Forces (Surface Fault) (Vertical Form ‎– VFORM006CD)
  16. Supratemporal Dissociations by Eric Frye (Visit
  17. SOA-5 by Mark Fell on Sentielle Objectif Actualité (Editions Mego)
  18. Chat Four by Pontiac Streator & Ulla Straus on Chat (OUEST097) (Visit
  19. Hell (for we) by TVO on Alembic (
  20. Sonnambulism by Morenas on Welcome To Paradise 89-93 (Vol. 1)
  21. Mutiny by Itzel on Basalt (Visit