full blood wolf eclipse moon

cover art by shayna yasuhara


  1. geraldine by black taffy on geraldine (leaving records)
  2. the edge of wonder by silver apples on clinging to a dream (chicken coup recordings)
  3. this is my rock ft. sophia kennedy by dj koze on knock knock (pampa)
  4. laughing on the outside (slowed) by bernadette carroll on laughing on the outside (cleopatra)
  5. gilded lamp of the cosmos by ultimate spinach on behold & see (iris music group)
  6. moon child by pharoh sanders on moon child (dutch timeless)
  7. mother's son by the delegates on mother's son/i'm gonna be glad (veejay)
  8. i'll come too by james blake on assume form (polydor)
  9. message to my people by idris ackamoor and the pyramids on an angel fell (strut records)
  10. calse infinie des êtres (aquilaris) by canada effervescent on crystalline (not not fun)
  11. love me tender by annette peacock on i'm the one (rca)