transfiguration #82 - Sailing with Billshitski & Mel


  1. People in Space by Kevin Harrison on --
  2. Otis by The Durutti Column on --`--
  3. Across Your Life by Oriental Sunshine on --
  4. Beautiful Blue Sky by Ought on --
  5. No Memories by Victroia on --
  6. What You Are by Pete Brandt's Method on --
  7. Earthbeat by The Slits on --
  8. Always Lovers by Cindy Lee on --
  9. I hope you really love me by The Family Circle on --
  10. I'm Not Ready For Love by Promise on --
  11. Take Life Easy by Christy Essien on --
  12. Look Up In The Sky (Négro Nature) by Francis The Great on --
  13. Chicago, Damn by Bobbi Hump on --
  14. Tenderface by Victrola on --
  15. Break
  16. League by Foliage on III
  17. Thankful by Andrew Younker on --
  18. Volcanic Winter by J Fernandez on --
  19. Mexico City (Rich Girls) by Tennis Club on Mexico City (Rich Girls)
  20. Maximum Sunlight by Stephen Steinbrink on Utopia Teased
  21. Mexico City (Rich Girls) by Tennis Club on Mexico City (Rich Girls)
  22. Toxic Masculinity by Eyedress on --
  23. ROYAL JELLY by Daniel Rain on The Big One
  24. Orange Peel by Kikagaku Moyo on --
  25. Triangles by Pinkshinyultrablast on Miserable Miracles
  26. Playing as Punks by Free Love on Luxury Hits
  27. All In My Head by Winter on Ethereality
  28. Ethereality by Documenta on Lady with the Ring
  29. Líneas en Hojas by Lorelle Meets The Obsolete on De Facto
  30. Into the Mirror by The Funs on Alienated
  31. I Went Home by Madeline Kenney on Perfect Shapes
  32. Bedroom by Echo Ladies on Pink Noise