The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #148

fresh computer sounds for the week! 

Hyping up Algorithmic Art Assembly!


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  1. CA2.3 by Church Andrews on CA2 (Visit $ Buy
  2. skybox.jpg by Kindohm on Mesabi Range (Visit $ Buy
  3. Ternenmarz by Calum Gunn on KRX Album (Visit $ Buy
  4. DE 2.1 by Black Merlin on Kode (-) $ Buy
  5. Mesh_1 by Anthropos Mekhane on Applied Sociolinguistics (Visit $ Buy
  6. Prot Sip by Mtch on Applied Sociolinguistics (Visit $ Buy
  7. Underground Dance Floor by Betonkust & Palmbomen II on Parallel B (Visit $ Buy
  8. Nia-Ikala by Kit Clayton on RAWAX003LP (Visit $ Buy
  9. The Gates of Dub by Bunny Lee, Prince Jammy, The Aggrovators on Dubbing in the Front Yard & Conflict Dub (-) $ Buy
  10. Kelly Love - Go Go Go Dub by Scientist on The Untouchable (-) $ Buy
  11. Living3000 Ft. Time Cow & Bobby Blackbird (Equiknoxx Remix) by Lunch Money (-) $ Buy
  12. This Is 4 The Rave Bangers by Hieroglyphic Being on This Isn't Your Typical 90's Era Techno/IDM Revisionist View 12" (-) $ Buy
  13. Lemon Lime by Jon Easley on New & Rare Music2 part one - compiled by Rick Wilhite (Rush Hour) $ Buy
  14. 0020A by tendencyitis on AA0020 (Fluf) $ Buy
  15. spray lapse by Hard On Yarn Sourdonk Communion on CODE005 (Visit $ Buy
  16. Leave Me In The Autumn by Christoph de Babalon on Exquisite Angst (Visit $ Buy
  17. Way You Like by Jio on TFW (Visit $ Buy
  18. KEY LIME by Jock Club on 2019 Mixtape (Visit $ Buy
  19. Earth on Wave by Stones Taro on After High EP (Visit $ Buy
  20. Bad Endgar by Brainwaltzera on Epi-Log EP (-) $ Buy
  21. Lost My Train Of Thought by Loraine James on Button Mashing (Visit $ Buy
  22. with exael by c minus on mdo & friends (Visit $ Buy
  23. Rock In The Video Age by Jan Jelinek on Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records (-) $ Buy
  24. JIC by Qebo on Applied Sociolinguistics (Visit $ Buy