The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #148

fresh computer sounds for the week!

Hyping up Algorithmic Art Assembly!


  1. CA2.3 by Church Andrews on CA2 (Visit
  2. skybox.jpg by Kindohm on Mesabi Range (Visit
  3. Ternenmarz by Calum Gunn on KRX Album (Visit
  4. DE 2.1 by Black Merlin on Kode
  5. Mesh_1 by Anthropos Mekhane on Applied Sociolinguistics (Visit
  6. Prot Sip by Mtch on Applied Sociolinguistics (Visit
  7. Underground Dance Floor by Betonkust & Palmbomen II on Parallel B (Visit
  8. Nia-Ikala by Kit Clayton on RAWAX003LP (Visit
  9. The Gates of Dub by Bunny Lee, Prince Jammy, The Aggrovators on Dubbing in the Front Yard & Conflict Dub
  10. Kelly Love - Go Go Go Dub by Scientist on The Untouchable
  11. Living3000 Ft. Time Cow & Bobby Blackbird (Equiknoxx Remix) by Lunch Money
  12. This Is 4 The Rave Bangers by Hieroglyphic Being
  13. Lemon Lime by Jon Easley on New & Rare Music2 part one - compiled by Rick Wilhite (Rush Hour)
  14. 0020A by tendencyitis on AA0020 (Fluf)
  15. spray lapse by Hard On Yarn Sourdonk Communion on CODE005 (Visit
  16. Leave Me In The Autumn by Christoph de Babalon on Exquisite Angst (Visit
  17. Way You Like by Jio on TFW (Visit
  18. KEY LIME by Jock Club on 2019 Mixtape (Visit
  19. Earth on Wave by Stones Taro on After High EP (Visit
  20. Bad Endgar by Brainwaltzera on Epi-Log EP
  21. Lost My Train Of Thought by Loraine James on Button Mashing (Visit
  22. with exael by c minus on mdo & friends (Visit
  23. Rock In The Video Age by Jan Jelinek on Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records
  24. JIC by Qebo on Applied Sociolinguistics (Visit