Episode 61: "A Laughing Sound"

Preening, whose new album Gang Laughter is available here, they're playing the Dome in Oakland (951 62nd St) this Saturday with Sediment Club.

Episode title is from the Marbled Eye song "Laughing Sound".

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email: iluvmondaysBFFfm@gmail.com


  1. Flor de Jamaica by Marinero on Tropico de Cancer (Needle to the Groove)
  2. Work Policy by Preening on Gang Laughter
  3. Red Tape by Preening on Gang Laughter (Digital Regress)
  4. Hydraulic Saint by Sediment Club on Stucco Thieves
  5. I Do Remain by Bells Atlas on Salt & Soap
  6. Pisces Problems by Queens D. Light on Flavor of Green
  7. Say Yeah by Younger Lovers on Sugar in My Pocket (Southpaw)
  8. The Man from Orange by The Younger Lovers on Sugar in My Pocket (Southpaw)
  9. Memento by New Circle on Memento EP (Smoking Room)
  10. Inside Out by Blades of Joy on Blades of Joy (Melters)
  11. Old Chaos by Outpatient on 5 TRACK EP
  12. Laughing Sound by Marbled Eye on Leisure LP (Digital Regress)
  13. Unionize by Cool Ghouls on Gord's Horse
  14. Finish Line by Silverware on Not Yet
  15. Slow Oscillations (Bedroom Hum) by Gentle Spirit on Dearest EP
  16. Learn Your Lesson Well by Perhapsy on Kingdom Starlight Bliss (Porch Party Records)
  17. Theoretical by Rip Room on Monsters
  18. Plane by Balms on Mirror
  19. Lemon Tree by Yogurt Brain on Lemon Tree EP
  20. Corners by Warm Springs
  21. Tom from Space by Hits on Creatures
  22. Mar-a-Lago by Sugar Candy Mountain on Do Right
  23. Calling by Li Xi on LI XI
  24. Beautiful World by B-Ward on 2017 Demo
  25. No Place for Love by The Acharis on Lost in the Vortex
  26. My House by Petheaven on i will choose how i die
  27. Forget This Town by Jacob Aranda on Great Highway
  28. Checked Out by Handler Brothers on Please, No Gifts
  29. Corporate Anthem by Toyota on Toyota (Digital Regress)
  30. Puular Punk by Stratocastors on Living Under The Johnny Vacances
  31. Fraidy Cat by Juicebumps on demo Local
  32. Fake Mirror by The Aerosols on Fake Mirror
  33. Starlight by Outer Embassy on Outer Embassy
  34. Heartache by The She's on All Female Rock n Roll Quartet