The Swap Meet: Episode 17, Thrift Store Dancehall and Hip Hop


  1. Theme to The Swap Meet by Pinched Nerve (Self Released)
  2. Live and Let Die by Byron Lee and the Dragonaires on Reggay Fever (Dynamic)
  3. Shaft in Africa (Addis) by Johnny Pate on Shaft in Africa (Metro Goldwyn Mayer)
  4. Holy Ghost by The Bar-Kays (Stax)
  5. Confunkshun by Ffun on Secrets (Mercury)
  6. Double Dutch Bus by Frankie Smith (WMOT Records)
  7. Elephant Message by Elephant Man / Missy Elliot (White Label)
  8. Dem No Worry Me (Hip Hop Ragga Mix) by Super Cat (Columbia)
  9. Tu Pun Pun by Reign (Hola Recordings)
  10. The Glock by Vicious on DJ Red Alert's Propmaster Dancehall Show (Epic Street)
  11. South Central (Wu Tang Mix) by Super Cat (Sony)
  12. Wings in the Morning by Capleton (Dynamix Duo Mix ft Method man)
  13. Kilamanjaro Style by Redhead Kingpin & The FBI (Virgin)
  14. Freaks by Lil Vicious (Rare Reggae # (White Label))
  15. Welcome to Jamrock by Damian Marley f/ B.I.G. (Clubbangaz Music)
  16. Ting-a-Ling by Shaba Ranks (Epic)
  17. Return of the Boom Bap by Krs-one (Jive)
  18. Paid in Full (Seven Minutes of Madness Cold Cut Remix) by Eric B. and Rakim on Colors (Warner Brothers)
  19. Best Kept Secret by Diamond D (Mercury)
  20. Best Kept Secret by Diamond D (Mercury)
  21. Breakadawn by De la Soul (Tommy Boy)
  22. Sometimes I Rhyme Slow by Nice and Smooth (Columbia)
  23. The Ill Out by Kenny Dope (Dope Wax)
  24. Badd (Instrumental) by Ying Yang Twins (TVT Records)
  25. Makes Me Sweat by Big Punisher and Beenie Man (20th Century Fox)
  26. Phreek the Beet by Beans (Warp)
  27. Visualize by Mr. Complex (Raw Shack Productions)
  28. Never Be The Same by Foreign Legion on Beats to Rock While Bike Stealing (Insiduous Urban Records)
  29. Puerto Rico by Frankie Cutlass (Hoody Records)
  30. Break
  31. Keep Dancin by Tony Rock (Effect)