The Revolution Summer 091


  1. First Down by Football, Etc. on Football, Etc. (Self Released)
  2. Double Helix by Knuckle Puck on Shapeshifter (Rise)
  3. Lvl. 2 Pidgey In A Masterball by Free Throw on Lavender Town (Count Your Lucky Stars!)
  4. Pigskins by I Kill Giants on I Kill Giants (Broken World Media)
  5. Scottie Spliffin by Dikembe on Chicago Bowls (Death Protector)
  6. Your Dog by Soccer Mommy on Clean (Fat Possum)
  7. Steven Believin' by Sports. on Demon Daze (Broken Rim)
  8. Rough Draft by Yellowcard on One For The Kids (Lobster)
  9. Feet First by Trackstar on The Lion Who Destroyed the Whole World (Better Looking)
  10. Dripping by Remember Sports on Slow Buzz (Father/Daughter)
  11. (The Gym Is) Neutral Territory by Lifetime on Hello Bastards (Jade Tree)
  12. Kiss Kitty On The Lips by Street Smart Cyclist on Discography (Top Shelf)
  13. Heart Of A Broken Story by The Promise Ring on 30 Degrees Everywhere (Jade Tree)
  14. We Are Not A Football Team by Minus The Bear on Highly Refined Pirates (Suicide Squeeze)
  15. Truth Poem in 4/4 by Miracle of 86 on Miracle of 86 (Fadeaway)
  16. Sportsmanship Of The Year Award by Charmer on Whateverville (Self Released)
  17. San Dimas High School Football Rules by The Ataris on Blue Skies, Broken Hearts...Next 12 Exits (Kung Fu)
  18. Greg's Last Day by The Starting Line on With Hopes Of Starting Over (Drive Thru)
  19. Re-Done by Modern Baseball on Sports (Lame-O Records)
  20. 电动少女 by Chinese Football on Here Comes A New Challanger! (Wild)
  21. Saint Moritz, 1928 by Sport on Colors (Adagio830)
  22. Tokyo Drift by Little Big league on Little Big League (Self Released)
  23. Armageddon (Am I Gettin 2 Ya?) by Fuck You I'm Stealing Home on We Set Our Alarm Clocks To Zero Hour And Bait Our Breath (Self Released)
  24. Wire Tap Out by Flee The Seen on Doubt Becomes The New Addiction (Facedown)
  25. I Fucking Hate Sports by i hate sex on Circle Thinking (Pint Sized)
  26. The great Flood of '93 by Ice Hockey on Waveform COllapse (Self Released)
  27. Something That just is by Strictly Ballroom on Hide Here Forever (Waxploitation)
  28. this, plus slow song by karate on in place of real insight (southern)
  29. Ghost Man On Third by Taking Back Sunday on Tell All Your Friends (Victory)
  30. 27 by Title Fight on Shed (Run For COver)
  31. Sprained Ankle by Julien Baker on Sprained Ankle (6131)
  32. Summer '12 by athletes. on athletes. (self released)
  33. The Old Adam by Bells On Trike on Bells On Trike (Ride Em Cowboy)
  34. Letters And Packages by American Football on Ep (Polyvinyl)
  35. The Gillette Cavalcade of Sports by glassJAw on Worship And Tribute (Warner Brothers)