The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #149

Starting off with sheer fire out on Seagrave, straight up ragga vibes from Stereotyp before veering into algo, house, and lush ambience.. Get the week started proper.


  1. Gangster (feat. Warrior Queen) by Stereotyp on Look Things (Visit
  2. 666 by PAdrix on Album Desconhecido (Principe)
  3. c-code by Kindohm on Mesabi Range (Visit
  4. In The Wreck Room by Lee Gamble on In A Paraventral Scale (Visit
  5. A.04 by Howes on Tape 08 - Howes - Cold Storage (Cong Burn)
  6. Cycle Blue by FIT SOUND on FIT Siegel + Kassem Mosse "Saboten" (FIT-021) (Visit
  7. Tuned Up by Mrs. Dink on CODE187 (Visit
  8. APT. 1B by N.Y. House’n Authority on APT. (Visit
  9. Holy Holly by Stones Taro on After High EP (Visit
  10. Meditate by Christoph de Babalon on Exquisite Angst (Visit
  11. CountDempops by Brainwaltzera on Epi-Log EP
  12. November springs by tigrics on f/c (Visit
  13. The Cure For 12 Consecutive Trips by Tsone on The Ergonomics of Desire (Visit
  14. Peac (Edit) by Aquadab on Looks Like Teeth (Visit
  15. Ecstasy by AyGeeTee / Birdy Earns on Morphology (Visit
  16. Text 27 (Lise ein Fernsehspiel) by Cameron Shafii on Corpora Vilia (Visit
  17. PKL 7 by Black Merlin on Kode
  18. 0020AA by tendencyitis on AA0020 (FLUF)
  19. Chat Two by Pontiac Streator & Ulla Straus on Chat (OUEST097) (Visit
  20. with perila by c minus on mdo & friends (Visit
  21. ascend by heavy lifting on mortal spring
  22. 7 by NKISI on 7 Directions (UIQ)
  23. Almost Invisible Force by Calum Gunn on Misapplications (Visit