1. green by ken nordine on colors (snail records)
  2. groovy desert by micheal urbaniak on inactin (UBX)
  3. the throning by hype williams on when people stop being polite and start getting real (hyperdub)
  4. +371 by dominique dumont on five years of loving notes (antinote)
  5. slow down by art feynman on blast off through the wicker (western vinyl)
  6. azure by ken nordine on colors (snail records)
  7. soul alphabet by colleen on captain O'none (thrill jockey)
  8. atma by micheal urbaniack on atma (UBX)
  9. shelter by art feynman on near negative (western vinyl)
  10. grey by ken nordine on colors (snail records)
  11. freudlose gasse by tuxedo moon on divine (crammed discs)
  12. the shape your in by art feynman on the shape your in (western vinyl)
  13. circle one by ela orleans on circles of upper and lower hell (night school)
  14. manolete by weather report on sweet nighter (SONY)
  15. brown by ken nordine on colors (snail records)
  16. jaco solo (1978) by weather report on the legendary live tapes: weather report (columbia)
  17. bobby mcgee by kris kristofferson on please dont tell me how the story ends (rounder)
  18. butterfly by michal urbaniack on atma (UBX)
  19. silence by michal urbaniak on inactin (UBX)
  20. ecru by ken nordine on colors (snail records)
  21. disney girls by the beach boys on surfs up (brothers records)
  22. everlovin' woman by JJ cale on Okie (universal)
  23. some of them are old by brian eno on here come thewarm jets (virgin)