Casually Crying - Episode 57 - The Primitives, Goth Babe, thanks for coming, Satan Wriders

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  1. I'll Look Around by Billie Holiday on The Lady Sings (The Verve Music Group) $ Buy
  2. Sinfony by Smashing Pumpkins on -- (--) $ Buy
  3. Crash by The Primitives on Lovely (BMG Records) $ Buy
  4. Where Did Our Love Go? by Soft Cell on Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing (Some Bizarre) $ Buy
  5. Burning Up by Madonna on Madonna (Warner Bros) $ Buy
  6. Weekend Friend by Goth Babe on Weekend Friend (Goth Babe) $ Buy
  7. Are You Bored Yet? (feat. Clairo) by Wallows on Are You Bored Yet? (feat. Clairo) (Atlantic Recording Co.) $ Buy
  8. Moon on the Bath by Japanese Breakfast on Psychopomp (Yellow K Records) $ Buy
  9. Self Explained by Cherry Glazerr on Stuffed & Ready (Secretly Canadian ) $ Buy
  10. Parking Lot by Galaxie 500 on Today (20/20/20) $ Buy
  11. Pretty by Girlpool on What Chaos is Imaginary (Anti) $ Buy
  12. Hire by Girlpool on What Chaos is Imaginary (Anti) $ Buy
  13. Trying To Reach You by Mojave 3 on Excuses For Travellers (4AD) $ Buy
  14. Hazy by Sarah Bethe Nelson on Oh, Evolution (Burger Records) $ Buy
  15. Just Got Lucky by Jo Boxer on Like Gangbuster (Sony) $ Buy
  16. Everywhere I Go by The Call on Reconciled (Elektra) $ Buy
  17. Dreaming of U (feat. Sophie Meiers) by Hot Flash Heat Wave on Dreaming of U (feat. Sophie Meiers) (Hot Flash Heat Wave) $ Buy
  18. How We Begin by The Y-Axes on How We Begin (Prize Fighter Records) $ Buy
  19. Once In A Lifetime by The Talking Heads on Remain In Light (Sire Records) $ Buy
  20. Work Space Grind by Kitty Kat Fan Club on Work Space Grind (Asian Man Records) $ Buy
  21. Honesty by Fake Laugh on Honesty (Headcount Records) $ Buy
  22. Sweet Marie by The Walters on Young Men (The Walters) $ Buy
  23. have a good one by thanks for coming on have a good one (thanks for coming) $ Buy
  24. Afternoon Waking Life by Remember Karen on What You Say And What You Mean (Remember Karen) $ Buy
  25. Better Times by Beach House on Teen Dream (Sub Pop Records) $ Buy
  26. Over the Moon by The Marías on Superclean, Vol. II (Superclean Records) $ Buy
  27. Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby by Dinah Washington on Dinah '62 (Parlophone) $ Buy
  28. Amore by Peachy! on Floral EP (Zachary Milo Hyatt) $ Buy
  29. Sing to Me Candy by Papercuts on Parallel Universe Blues (Slumberland) $ Buy
  30. Validation by Teen Body on Validation (Broken Circles) $ Buy
  31. 14 by Friendless Summer on No Bad Days (Grabbing Clouds Records and Tapes) $ Buy
  32. Amiga by Winter & Triptides on Estrela Magica (Samira Winter) $ Buy
  33. Feeding in the Dark by Violent Change on Suck on the Gun (Melters) $ Buy
  34. Violent Haze by Satan Wriders on Bubble Guts (Harlot Records) $ Buy
  35. Cola by Stalls on Stalls EP (Vacant Stare Records) $ Buy
  36. Sunsetz by Cigarettes After Sex on Cigarettes After Sex (Partisan Records) $ Buy