Altered Images #115 02/06/2019


  1. Sketch For Summer by The Durutti Column on The Return of the Durutti Column (Factory)
  2. Don't Look Back by Fine Young Cannibals on The Raw and the Cooked (IRS)
  3. Lovesong (demo) by The Cure on Disintegration (Elektra)
  4. One On One (12 inch mix) by Hall & Oates on Single (RCA)
  5. Primitive Painters (feat. Elizabeth Fraser) by Felt on Absolute Classic Masterpieces (Cherry Red)
  6. I Confess (Dave Allen remix) by The English Beat on SPecial BEat Service (IRS )
  7. Ooh Love by Kashif on Best Of (Arista)
  8. Inside Out by CHameleons on Strange Times (Mercury)
  9. Thin Line by Kathy Mathis on Single (Tabu)
  10. When Love Is The Missing Word by Cretu & Thiers on So 80s (Soundcolours )
  11. Cristina by Things Fall Apart on Ze Records Story (Strut)
  12. Suicide by Dream Baby Dream on Ze Records Story (Strut)
  13. What Can I DO FOr You by Michael Dracula on Ze Records Story (Strut)
  14. Blueberry Gossip by Ta Mara & the Seen on Blueberry Nights (Warner Bros)
  15. Hard-Boiled Babe by Lizzy Mercier Descloux on Ze Records Story (Strut)
  16. Below The Belt by Tim Finn on Escapade (A&M)
  17. Long Hot Summer by Style Council on 12 (Geffen)
  18. Love Is All That Matters by Human League on Crash (A&M)
  19. The City Lights by William Pitt on Blank & Jones pres. So80s (So Eighties) Vol. 5 (Soundcolours)
  20. Night (Feel Like Getting Down) by Billy Ocean on Club Epic (Epic)