The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #150

ambience to aquatic dub, blunted hip hop mixtapes to autechre live set, a dope beat to start the week!


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  1. Chant by Lee Gamble on In A Paraventral Scale (Visit $ Buy
  2. He Wears Tiger Skins and Glows Like the Full Moon by JV Lightbody on Live now Forever in the Light (Visit $ Buy
  3. Anamorphosis by Tsone on The Ergonomics of Desire (Visit $ Buy
  4. B.02 by Howes on Tape 08 - Howes - Cold Storage (Visit $ Buy
  5. Night Angels 1 by Night Angels on Night Angels (Visit $ Buy
  6. Catnip by Saimak Amidi on CTX04 (Visit $ Buy
  7. 015-stream by Kindohm on live stream (-) $ Buy
  8. Harakiri by Christoph de Babalon on Hectic Shakes (Visit $ Buy
  9. Ball Bout Murda (feat. Ras B) by Stereotyp on Look Things (Visit $ Buy
  10. Side A by Lukah on Chickenwire (Visit $ Buy
  11. Mutism I by Luke Lund on CODE010 (Visit $ Buy
  12. Autechre-2001-05-09Canada-toronto by Autechre (-) $ Buy