HTDJ 018: Dirty Disco [A Tribute To Factory Records]

After watching 24 Hour Party People and reading Peter Hook's Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division, I'm having a bit of a thing for Factory Records.

Here are some of my favorite hits and misses from Factory (and beyond), spanning 1978 to 1992 (or so).


  1. Digital by Joy Division on A Factory Sample [FAC2] (Factory Records)
  2. Sex In Secret by Cabaret Voltaire on A Factory Sampler [FAC2] (Factory Records)
  3. Electricity by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark on 7" Single [FAC6] (Factory)
  4. Time Goes By So Slow by Distractions on 7" Single [FAC12] (Factory)
  5. Sex Machine by Crawling Chaos on 7" Single [FAC17] (Factory)
  6. It's Hard To Be An Egg by John Dowie on 7" Single [FAC19] (Factory)
  7. Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division on 7" Single [FAC23] (Factory Records)
  8. For Belgian Friends by The Durutti Column on A Factory Quartet [FAC24] (Factory Records)
  9. Night Shift by The Names on 7" Single [FAC29] (Factory Records)
  10. Dolphin's Spurt by Minny Pops on 7" Single [FAC31] (Factory Records)
  11. Deaf by Crispy Ambulance on 10" Single [FAC32] (Factory Records)
  12. Ceremony by New Order on 7" Single [FAC33] (Factory Records)
  13. Watching The Hydroplanes by Tunnel Vision on 7" Single [FAC39] (Factory Records)
  14. Messidor by The Durutti Column on LC [FACT44] (Factory Records [FACT44])
  15. Dirty Disco by Section 25 on Always Now [FACT45] (Factory Records)
  16. Look Into My Eyes by 52nd Street on 12" Single [FAC59] (Factory Records)
  17. Blue Monday by New Order on 12" Single [FAC73] (Factory Records)
  18. Love Tempo by Quando Quango on 12" Single [FAC79] (Factory Records)
  19. Pretenders of Love by Shark Vegas on FAC.DANCE: Factory Records 12" Mixes & Rarities 1980-1987 (STRUT)
  20. Tell Me by Life on 7" Single [FAC106] (Factory Records)
  21. Brighter by The Railway Children on 7" Single [FAC167] (Factory Records)
  22. True Faith by New Order on 7" Single [FAC183] (Factory Records)
  23. Getting Away With It by Electronic on 7" Single [FAC257] (Factory Records)
  24. Kinky Afro by Happy Mondays on 7" Single [FAC302] (Factory Records)
  25. Moves Like You (Remix) by Cath Carroll on 7" Single [FAC307] (Factory Records)