Episode 073 - Emergency?

Items that are a national emergency:

  1. 100 firearms deaths a day
  2. 150 opioid deaths a day
  3. 1 world warming us like frogs
  4. women not being in control of their bodies
  5. thousands of dead on Puerto Rico
  6. a Russian stooge in our Oval Office
  7. healthcare
  8. fascism
  9. fascism
  10. fascism
  11. fascism

Rock on and resist, babies.

Dial, text, email, fax, show up. We got work to do stop this monstrosity.



  1. The Motherload by Mastodon on xxx
  2. Get Down Make Love by Nine Inch Nails on xxx
  3. Young Conservatives by The Kinks on State of Confusion
  4. Get it On (Bang a Gong) by The Power Station on The Power Station
  5. Socrates The Python by Peter Murphy on xxx
  6. Seconds by U2 on War
  7. This Corrosion - 12'' Version by The Sisters of Mercy on Xxx
  8. Merry Go Round by The Replacements on All Shook Down (Sire, Reprise)
  9. The Changeling by The Doors on L.A. Woman (Elektra)
  10. Susie Q by Creedence Clearwater Revival on Chronicle: 20 Greatest Hits (Fantasy)