Tuff Signals - Episode 63


  1. Bumpy Road by Destruction Unit on Live In San Francisco - Destruction Unit (Castle Face Records)
  2. Nowhare to Go by Tony Molina on Dissed & Dismissed (Melters)
  3. Sugar In My Pocket by Younger Lovers (Self Released)
  4. Walkin' Down My Street by Nude Beach on II (Fat Possum Records)
  5. Collapse by Cold Beat on Over Me (Crime on the Moon)
  6. New Boy by Real Numbers (No Problem Records)
  7. You Didn't Make It Easy by Jimmy Ohio & the Ultimate Lovers on Jimmy Ohio & the Ultimate Lovers (Self Released)
  8. Talkin' to the Walls by Pretty Pretty on Talkin' to the Walls (Rad Girlfriend Records)
  9. Everyone Luvs the Sun by Vacation on Candy Waves (Let's Pretend Records)
  10. I Would Never Treat You Like That by Indonesian Junk on I Would Never Treat You Like That (Some Weird Sin Records)
  11. Fire Song by Pow Wows on Broken Curses (Get Hip Recordings)
  12. Jaguar Love by The Hot Toddies on Bottoms Up (Tricycle Records)
  13. Let Me Take You (For a Saucer Ride) by King Flamingo on Astro-Tone Mini LP (Self Released)
  14. Babe In Black by Ladywolf on Babes EP (Self Released)
  15. Not An Ocean by Lunch on Let Us Have Madness Openly (Mass Media Records)
  16. Frozen Touch by LENZ on Frozen Touch / Airplane Firetruck 7 (Volar Records)
  17. Too Late by Guantanamo Baywatch featuring Curtis Harding on Darling…It’s Too Late! (Suicide Squeeze Records)
  18. Stealing Song by Cooked Books on Endtimes Forever (Jurassic Pop Records)
  19. Music Is My Valentine by Cucumber and The Suntans on Music Is My Valentine (Self Released)
  20. It Broke Once by Split Feet on Shame Parade (Accidental Guest Recordings)
  21. Swell by Coaster on Tattoos (Self released)
  23. Wasted On Youth/Melted Candle by The Gotobeds on Poor People Are Revolting (12XU Records)
  24. It's Not Fair by Big Eyes on Big Eyes / Post Teens Split 7 (No Idea Records)
  25. Bored on the Boardwalk by Sticky Valentines on Sticky Valentines EP (Self Released)
  26. Something New by Summer Cannibals on Something New (New Moss Records)
  27. Running After Ganymede by Jack Name on Weird Moons (Castle Face Records)
  28. Liquid Daydream by POW! on Fight Fire (Castle Face Records)
  29. Creepy Eyed Girls by Swiftumz on Everybody Loves Chris (Melters)
  30. I LOOKED IN TOO (DEMO) by together PANGEA (Self Released)
  31. WISH LIST by The Sueves on The Sueves 12-20-2014 (Young Camelot)
  32. Ouroboros by The Deadly Vipers on Ouroboros (Self Released)
  33. Flying by Obnox on Canabible Ohio EP (Slovenly Records)
  34. Round and Down by The Hussy on False Trails/Hash Grails 12 (Southpaw Records)
  35. Tar Paper by The Blind Shake on Fly Right (Slovenly Records)
  36. LOST MY WAY by bonny doon on Bonny Doon (Salinas Records)
  37. Break
  38. Ca Plane P by American Breakfast on American Breakfast (Grabbing Clouds Records and Tapes)