Ep.49 02.24.19 (Modern/Leftfield Dub)


  1. Can I Get the Real Dub (feat. Jay Glass Dubs) by Guerilla Toss on Jay Glass Dubs vs. Guerilla Toss (DFA LLC)
  2. Yellow Story by Kiki Hitomi on Karma No Kusari (Jahtari)
  3. Body Talk by Imagination on Night Dubbing (R&B Division Ltd)
  4. Tentacles of Dub by The Casual Sexists on World of Noise (Rongorongo)
  5. Shove It - Original Mix by One Dub Connections on Silent Revolt (Diversifiedmusic)
  6. Conspiring by African Head Charge on Off The Beaten Track (On-U Sound)
  7. Metro (feat. Adrian Sherwood) by Coldcut, On-U Sound on Outside The Echo Chamber (Ahead Of Our Time)
  8. Out by Seekersinternational, Wzrdryav on Smoked/Out (Wzrdry Recordings)
  9. Antonio Wherever Project by Voodoo Tapes on Brightest Pyre Ever (Aquietbump)
  10. Crying Dub by Preacha on Crying (Nice Up! Records)
  11. Instigator (Dub) by Golden Teacher, Dennis Bovell on Golden Teacher Meets Dennis Bovell At The Green Door (Golden Teacher)
  12. Catharsis, Pt. 1 (feat. Chazbo & Cyp) by Alpha Steppa on Rooted & Grounded (Steppas Records)
  13. Jah Light - DU3normal Remix by Mexican Stepper on Jah Light: The Remixes (Boom One Records)
  14. Pula Riddim by Jack Sparrow on Hold and Pull (DEEP MEDi MUSIK)
  15. Soup Riddim by Andy Mac, Ossia on Soup/Cado/Linguine (No Corner)
  16. The Summoning by Voodoo Tapes on Chant and Call (Bokeh Versions)
  17. Trip to Atlantis by Von D on Melki Tsedeq/Trip To Atlantis (Moonshine Recordings)
  18. Nen Nen Korori (feat. Spaceape) by Kiki Hitomi on Karma No Kusari (Jahtari)
  19. Lowery Dub - International Observer's Daddy Dubs (feat. Tapes) by International Observer on Touched (Dubmission Records)
  20. Dog Meat General - Kambo Super Sound Remix by Koppen on Good Kopp Bad Kopp (Metronomicon Audio)
  21. Sittin' Here Redux by Endgame on Flesh EP (Hyperdub)
  22. Bridgetown Dub by Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement on Venus Flytrap Exotica (Editions Gravats)
  23. Mighty in Battle by TNT Roots on Mighty in Battle/Tears of the Righteous (Bokeh Versions)
  24. Fog by Flame 1 on Fog/Shine (Pressure)
  25. Ai Paint (feat. Actress) by Young Paint on Young Paint (Werk___ltd./The Vinyl Factory)