The British Are Coming 02-24-2019

Blood Red Shoes, TOY, Ladytron, Tourist, Kele Okereke + MORE!

Not the Oscars.


  1. Fried by Yak on Pursuit of momentary happiness (third man records)
  2. Got To Keep On by The Chemical Brothers on got to keep on (universal music operations)
  3. Heavy, California - Gerd Janson MPC Translation by Jungle on Heavy, California (XL Recordings)
  4. Mechanism by TOY on Happy in the hollow (tough love)
  5. Post-Millenial Tension by Lost Under Heaven on post-millenial tension (mute artists ltd.)
  6. Heavy Pop by WU LYF on go tell fire to the mountain (l y f recordings)
  7. Silk And Leather by Good Cop Bad Cop on good cop bad cop (count to ten records)
  8. Inside The Rose by These New Puritans on inside the rose (infectious music ltd)
  9. The Sea Between Us by Kele Okereke on leave to remain (leave to remain)
  10. Vertigo by Blood Red Shoes on get tragic (jazz life)
  11. I Still Need It by Novacub on I still need it (LAB records ltd.)
  12. The Animals by Ladytron on ladytron (ladytron music)
  13. Tokyo by White Lies on FIVE ([PIAS] Recordings)
  14. I Heard Wonders by David Holmes on the holy pictures (Mercury Records)
  15. Bad Texan by The Lucid Dream on Compulsion Songs (holy are you records)
  16. Shivers by Spotlight Kid on shivers (SR)
  17. Waking Up Again by SPC ECO on calm (Saint Marie)
  18. America by I Am Lono on hunt us down like the dogs we are EP (louder city records)
  19. Going Out by Desert Ships on doll skin flag (SR)
  20. Phill Mitchell'd by Helicon on zero fucks EP (fuzz club records)
  21. Rechargeable by Snapped Ankles on Stunning Luxury (The Leaf Label)
  22. U X B by Soundwire on soundwire (mine mine mine)
  23. Coral Bells by Winter Gardens on coral bells (SR)
  24. Twin Sirens by Wozniak on the space between the trees (morningside young team records)
  25. In Love by Soft Hair on soft hair (domino)