70's Folk, Disco and Pop

70's music to get you through this disaster of a rainy day!


  1. Small History by Akai Tori on Red Birds
  2. Morning by Ema Sugimoto on Emma Is Love
  3. Old Journal by Akiko Wada on 古い日記
  4. 幸せルージュをつけなさい by Hitomi Aki on 幸せルージュをつけなさい
  5. Event by Kiyoko Itoh on Woman at 23 o'clock (CBS/Sony)
  6. Lemon's Lover by Yukari Ito on ゆかりの新しい世界 (KING)
  7. The Murder In The Midnight by Hiro Yanagida on Hiro Yanagida (Atlantic)
  8. Flower by Saori Yuki on Male heart ~ Saori Yuki sings Francis Ray
  9. Aoi Sakana (Blue Fish) by Sachiko Kanenobu on Misora
  10. Light Blue Love 水色の恋 by Agnes Chan on Hinagi's Flower (Warner Bros.)
  11. Umbrella by Morio Agata on Maiden's Fragmented Dream
  12. 初恋の日は枯葉のように by Cherish on II album
  13. Break
  14. The world of peace by Ken Narita on Polluted a town
  15. Promise of love by Hideki Saijo on Wild 17 years old
  16. Break
  17. ? by Yonin Bayashi on 二十歳の原点
  18. Saturday Flower by Bread & Butter on IMAGES
  19. 母恋しやサンゴ礁 by J. A. Seazer on 国境巡礼歌
  20. Break
  21. The end of the summer by Carol on 20 Golden Hits
  22. Stop by Lily on Taeko
  23. Break
  24. Blue Star by Shigeo Sekito on Special Sound Servies Vol. 2: ザ・ワード
  25. Break
  26. スーパースター by Wada Akiko on 古い日記
  27. Break
  28. 冬の地下道 by Yoshiko Sai 佐井好子 on 萬花鏡
  29. めぐり逢えて by Candies! on 夏が来た!
  30. Break
  31. by Amii Ozaki on Mind Drops
  32. Break
  33. LAW OF NATURE by Taeko Onuki on Sunshower
  34. ムーンライト・タクシー by 浅野ゆう子 on YUKO IN DISCO
  35. Break
  36. 愛のトワイライト・タイム by 山口百恵 on Golden Flight
  37. Break
  38. I Say Who by Tomoko Soryo on City Lights By The Moonlight
  39. Break
  40. feminine by Hitomi Ishikawa on くるみ割り人形