Ep.51 03.10.19 (Murlo Inspired)


  1. 28-04-2016 by Vanessa Amara on Like All Mornings (Posh Isolation)
  2. RAIN by WEN on EPHEM:ERA (Big Dada)
  3. Never by Koreless on Yugen (Young Turks)
  4. Outer Body by Murlo on Dolos (Coil Records)
  5. White Moon Garden by Deadboy on White Magick - EP (Local Action Records)
  6. Break
  7. Insects by 1800HaightStreet on The Pursuit (Lobster Theremin)
  8. Dengue Drums by Superficie on Helices (Salviatek)
  9. At The Edge by Pariah on Here From Where We Are (Houndstooth)
  10. Kyoto Protocol Breakers by Nima Khak on Reality Surpasses Fiction (ODD EVEN)
  11. Serendip by Laurel Halo on Chance Of Rain (Hyperdub)
  12. Quasimidi - Explored by Urulu on Minor Forms EP (Tartelet Records)
  13. From the Valley by Route 8 on Come Home (Lobster Theremin)
  14. Yell0W_Tail by Overmono on Whities 09 (Whities)
  15. Wireframes by Peverelist on Tessellations (Livity Sound Recordings)
  16. Careless by Blawan on Wet Will Always Dry (Ternesc)
  17. Dysmorphia - Original Mix by Mor Elian on Persona Non Grata (Hypercolour)
  18. Physarum by Bonaventure on Mentor (Planet Mu)
  19. October Horse by North Sea Dialect on Local Guide (Numbers)
  20. Ital Vital by Pyramid Lake on Palms on Fire (Mythstery Records)
  21. Atlantis by Graintable on Herons (Ransom Note Records)
  22. Outside In by Linkwood on Expressions (Rubadub)
  23. Maua by Marenn Sukie on Malinal - EP (Banoffee Pies Records)
  24. Starset: Acceptance of the Night by Joanne Forman on Cave Vaults of the Moon (Seance Centre)