The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ DJ Skully (Portland) & DJ Evil Twin (Indianapolis) 3/12/19


  1. Grieving Days by Paradox Obscur on Paradox Obscur
  2. White Ice by Dernier Sex on 3-Song
  3. Changlings by John Foxx And The Maths on Evidence
  4. So Typical by Fragrance on Noe That I'm Real
  5. She's Electric (Coming Around) by Visage on Hearts and Knives
  6. Charcoal (CMB Remix) by Black Plastic on Stop The World
  7. Eardrum Buzz by Wire on IBTABA
  8. Amnesia by Erato on III
  9. Temple Of Love (Extended) by The Sisters Of Mercy on Some Girls Wander By Mistake
  10. Push by The Cure on The Head on the Door
  11. Supernaut by 1000 Homo DJs on Supernaut
  12. You You by Malaria! on Compiled 1981-84
  13. Lobotomy by Neon on Tapes of Darkness
  14. For The Young by Agent Side Grinder on Alkimia