creep magnet #85


  1. are you happy by delta dart on lone star (paroxysm)
  2. out on my own by romeo void on instincts (columbia)
  3. your life is a lie by romeo void on instincts (columbia)
  4. this is love by pj harvey on stories from the city, stories from the sea (island)
  5. closer by thunderbitch on thunderbitch (self)
  6. surf by the skins on wreckroom sessions (republic)
  7. obsessed with you by x-ray specs on germfree adolescents (emi)
  8. i just wanna puke on the stereo by frumpies on frumpie one piece (kill rock stars)
  9. we don't wanna go home by the frumpies on frumpies forever (kill rock stars)
  10. giant by big joanie on sistahs (sistah punk)
  11. give me one reason to stay by tracy chapman on new beginning (elektra)
  12. bonsai by annachristie sapphire (self)
  13. scarlet by lush on gala (4ad)
  14. difficult to love by grace sings sludge on a life with dick (empty cellar records)
  15. tree by new bloods on the secret life (kill rock stars)
  16. tunic (song for karen) by sonic youth on goo (geffen)