The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #155

Algorithmic Art Assembly!

This episode is all artists who will be appearing as the Algorithmic Art Assembly event here in San Francisco, next weekend -


  1. What Holds You Back by Renick Bell on What Holds You Back (Visit
  2. Catenary by William Fields on Local Maxima (Visit
  3. B-Parent by Shirttrax on Good News About Space
  4. snd_p*l[t]z by Spednar on amorphaux EP [SQU004] (Visit
  5. UnderHand by Waxy Tomb on GridDrip (Visit
  6. wildwhy17 by Wobbly on Wild Why (tigerbeat6)
  7. Y by Sensate Focus on Sensate Focus (1.6666666)
  8. Hell by W00DY on Relentless Kickdrum (Visit
  9. Disconnecting is an Act of Rebellion by Kindohm on decera
  10. Circlon (Original Mix) by Spatial on Circlon
  11. Tan Object 10 by Sebastian Camens on Tan Object (Visit
  12. Liverpool_Philharmonic_Live_010217 (excerpt 1) by ALGOBABEZ on Burning Circuits (Visit
  13. Liverpool_Philharmonic_Live_010217 (excerpt 2) by ALGOBABEZ on Burning Circuits (Visit
  14. Untitled by Kit Clayton on Lateral Forces (Surface Fault) (Vertical Form ‎– VFORM006CD)
  15. Liminal Threshold Moment by TVO on Installation Pieces (Broken20)
  16. 2amv6 by Digital Selves
  17. Footage from WAC 2018 Performance. by Charlie Roberts
  18. Dileab Cholbhasach (The Western Lands pt 1) by TVO on Dileab Cholbhasach (The Western Lands pt 1) (Broken_20)