The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #155

Algorithmic Art Assembly!

This episode is all artists who will be appearing as the Algorithmic Art Assembly event here in San Francisco, next weekend -


  1. What Holds You Back by Renick Bell on What Holds You Back (Visit
  2. Catenary by William Fields on Local Maxima (Visit
  3. B-Parent by Shirttrax on Good News About Space (-)
  4. snd_p*l[t]z by Spednar on amorphaux EP [SQU004] (Visit
  5. UnderHand by Waxy Tomb on GridDrip (Visit
  6. wildwhy17 by Wobbly on Wild Why (tigerbeat6)
  7. Y by Sensate Focus on Sensate Focus (1.6666666) (-)
  8. Hell by W00DY on Relentless Kickdrum (Visit
  9. Disconnecting is an Act of Rebellion by Kindohm on decera (-)
  10. Circlon (Original Mix) by Spatial on Circlon (-)
  11. Tan Object 10 by Sebastian Camens on Tan Object (Visit
  12. Liverpool_Philharmonic_Live_010217 (excerpt 1) by ALGOBABEZ on Burning Circuits (Visit
  13. Liverpool_Philharmonic_Live_010217 (excerpt 2) by ALGOBABEZ on Burning Circuits (Visit
  14. Untitled by Kit Clayton on Lateral Forces (Surface Fault) (Vertical Form ‎– VFORM006CD)
  15. Liminal Threshold Moment by TVO on Installation Pieces (Broken20)
  16. 2amv6 by Digital Selves (-)
  17. Footage from WAC 2018 Performance. by Charlie Roberts (-)
  18. Dileab Cholbhasach (The Western Lands pt 1) by TVO on Dileab Cholbhasach (The Western Lands pt 1) (Broken_20)