Sounds In The Dark - 3.20.19 (Rebroadcast)

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Still in the land down under on haitus and avoiding getting eaten by sharks. Thus, tonight's edition features previews of new records from Kyle Bobby Dunn, Khotin and Alexandra Spence, alongside recents from Benoit Pioulard, Yann Novak and one of my favorite minimalist works from Gavin Bryars reworked and reimagined with Alter Ego and Philip Jeck.


RACHEL (HIVER ETERNAL) - Kyle Bobby Dunn – From Here To Eternity (2019) – Past Inside thePresent

Talk Break

Marlen – Benoit Pioulardand Sean Curtis Patrick – Avocationals (2019)

Levi’s Synth – Khotin– Beautiful You (2019) Ghostly

Scalar Field (yellow, blue, yellow) – Yann Novak – Scalar Fields (2019) Room40

Talk Break

The Sinking of the Titanic – Bryars/Alter Ego/Jeck - The Sinking of the Titanic (1969 - ) (2007)Touch

Talk Break

waking she heard the fluttering – Alexandra Spence – Waking,She Heard the Fluttering (2019) Room40