creep magnet #86 for


  1. すべて売り物 by aunt sally on aunt sally (vanity records)
  2. 醒めた火事場で by aunt sally on aunt sally (vanity records)
  3. goblin's eye by mizutama shobodan on polka dot fire brigade (Kinniku-Bijo)
  4. pinay69 by drama on drama (aklasan)
  5. Tokhme Sag by Khiis on demo (self)
  6. Sahar / Zabon by Khiis (distort reality)
  7. Song by Korean Underground Women on Live (Cell Vid)
  8. ある日の光景― by zelda on 真暗闇― (nippon)
  9. うめたて by zelda on carnival (nippon)
  10. train train by sheena and the rokkits on sheena and the rokkits (sony)
  11. おちゃんせんすぅす by tricot on you get to suu chan sen (topshelf)
  12. organs by pussy riot on xxx (Big Deal / Nice Life / Federal Prism)
  13. nightrope dancing by tenko on slope (recrec)
  14. LSD by g-schmitt on g-schmitt (Wechselbalg Syndicate)
  15. Unzipped Siegfried by Mizutama Shobodan on Gunilla #9 (Mizutama Shobodan)
  16. (我等は何して)老ひぬらん by OXZ on OXZ (OXZ)
  17. vivian by OXZ on OXZ (OXZ)
  18. (She's a)Sunday Thinker by d day on crossed finger (caraway)
  19. 太陽のない街 by 餓鬼道 on パンドラの匣