creep magnet #86 for


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  1. すべて売り物 by aunt sally on aunt sally (vanity records) $ Buy
  2. 醒めた火事場で by aunt sally on aunt sally (vanity records) $ Buy
  3. goblin's eye by mizutama shobodan on polka dot fire brigade (Kinniku-Bijo) $ Buy
  4. pinay69 by drama on drama (aklasan) $ Buy
  5. Tokhme Sag by Khiis on demo (self) $ Buy
  6. Sahar / Zabon by Khiis on Saboor 7" (distort reality) $ Buy
  7. Song by Korean Underground Women on Live (Cell Vid) $ Buy
  8. ある日の光景― by zelda on 真暗闇― (nippon) $ Buy
  9. うめたて by zelda on carnival (nippon) $ Buy
  10. train train by sheena and the rokkits on sheena and the rokkits (sony) $ Buy
  11. おちゃんせんすぅす by tricot on you get to suu chan sen (topshelf) $ Buy
  12. organs by pussy riot on xxx (Big Deal / Nice Life / Federal Prism) $ Buy
  13. nightrope dancing by tenko on slope (recrec) $ Buy
  14. LSD by g-schmitt on g-schmitt (Wechselbalg Syndicate ) $ Buy
  15. Unzipped Siegfried by Mizutama Shobodan on Gunilla #9 (Mizutama Shobodan) $ Buy
  16. (我等は何して)老ひぬらん by OXZ on OXZ (OXZ) $ Buy
  17. vivian by OXZ on OXZ (OXZ) $ Buy
  18. (She's a)Sunday Thinker by d day on crossed finger (caraway) $ Buy
  19. 太陽のない街 by 餓鬼道 on パンドラの匣 (-) $ Buy