Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2015-02-23) - 30th Birthday Special

I turned 30! I thought I'd celebrate by playing some of the songs that have most influenced my taste in music and the paths I took to discover new sounds. This is in roughly chronological order and I only went as far as 2006 because anything later than that seemed to be missing the idea of "influential."


  1. Starla by Smashing Pumpkins on Pisces Iscariot (Virgin)
  2. Mogwai Fear Satan by Mogwai on Young Team (Jetset)
  3. Starálfur by Sigur Rós on Ágætis Byrjun (Fatcat)
  4. Squirrel Song by Shellac on 1000 Hurts (Touch And Go)
  5. Saint Jacques by Lightning Bolt on Ride The Skies (Load)
  6. Ex Ladyboy by Part Chimp on Chart Pimp (Monitor)
  7. Great Mass by Tyondai Braxton on History That Has No Effect (JMZ)
  8. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight by The Postal Service on Give Up (Sub Pop)
  9. Broken Harbors : Part 1 by Stars Of The Lid on The Tired Sounds Of (Kranky)
  10. Blue Mountain by Michael Hurley on First Songs (Folkways)
  11. Liars by TV On The Radio on Young Liars (Touch And Go)
  12. Twin Guitar Rhodes Viola Drone by Keith Fullerton Whitman on Antithesis (Kranky)
  13. Love Is Ageless by Victory At Sea on Memories Fade (Gern Blandsten)
  14. Untitled 1 by Big Bear on Big Bear (Cardboard)
  15. New Animals From the Air by Eluvium on Talk Amongst the Trees (Temporary Residence)
  16. Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun by M83 on Before The Dawn Heals Us (Mute)
  17. I Never Lose. Never Really by Belong on October Language (Carpark)