LOLZ! | Flight of the Conchords, Lonely Island, Bo Burnham, Awkwafina

Turn it up now, 'cuz the world is too damn serious! 🍌🎶🤣 In celebration of April Fool's Day, this week's mix has everything from a polka version of Hamilton, to an extremely explicit and fierce rap song by actress Natalie Portman, and even Badger Badger Badger Badger 🍄!

Enjoy this ridiculous episode now! (& for more laughs, try laughter yoga with Jenna Pascual)

🌈xx mz prizm  

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Mz Prizm is an artist + dj on a mission to remind us that rainbowz are hiding everywhere all the time! Music is a sound rainbow and YOU are a prism.


Every Saturday night at 2am, and stream-able anytime, you can enjoy two hours of music with Mz Prizm from a kaleidoscope of themes like womxn power, disco, pride, party jamzeclecticjazzfunk + souletc. on San Francisco community radio station


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  1. Up Butt Coconuit (extended dance remix) by Parry Grip (-) $ Buy
  2. Seinfeld by Charlie's Angels on The Young Ones (Simply Media TV Ltd) $ Buy
  3. JB JR Rap by Tenacious D on Post-Apocalypto (Columbia, a division of Sony) $ Buy
  4. Didji Dance by Ganga Girl on Termite Grooves (Ganga Girl) $ Buy
  5. Bear Hug by The 2 Bears on Be Strong (Southern Fried Records) $ Buy
  6. I'm Beautiful by Bette Middler on Bathhouse Betty (Warner Bros. Records Inc.) $ Buy
  7. Too Many Dicks (on the dance floor) by Flight of the Conchords on I Told You I Was Freaky (Sub Pop Records) $ Buy
  8. Let's Have A Kiki by Scissor Sisters on Magic Hour (Deluxe) (Polydor Ltd (UK)) $ Buy
  9. Whatever by Liam Lynch on Fake Songs (EMI Music North America) $ Buy
  10. Natalie's Rap feat. Natalie Portman by The Lonely Island, Chris Parnell, Natalie Portman on Incredibad (Universal Republic Records, UMG) $ Buy
  11. Lazy Sunday by The Lonely Island on Incredibad (Universal Republic Records, UMG) $ Buy
  12. The Hamilton Polka by "Weird Al" Yankovic on single (Hamilton Uptown u/l Atlantic) $ Buy
  13. Idiot Boyfriend by Jimmy Fallon on The Bathroom Wall (SKG Music) $ Buy
  14. Horse Outside by The Rubberbandits on Serious About Men (Lovely Men Records) $ Buy
  15. Business Time by Flight of the Conchords on Flight of the Conchords (Sub Pop) $ Buy
  16. Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros by Flight of the Conchords on Flight of the Conchords (Sub Pop Records) $ Buy
  17. The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground on Sex Packets (Tommy Boy Music) $ Buy
  18. Cameltoe by Fannypack on So Stylistic (Tommy Boy Entertainment) $ Buy
  19. Big Weenie by Eminem on Encore (Aftermath Ent / Interscope) $ Buy
  20. WORDS, WORDS, WORDS (studio) by Bo Burnham on Words Words Words (Comedy Central Records) $ Buy
  21. Jizz In My Pants by The Lonely Island on Incredibad (Universal Republic Records, UMG) $ Buy
  22. My Dick by Mickey Avalon on Mickey Avalon (Interscope) $ Buy
  23. My Vag by Awkwafina on single (Restless Records) $ Buy
  24. Queef by Awkwafina on single (Yellow Ranger) $ Buy
  25. Batches & Cookies by Lizzo on Lizzobangers (Totally Gross National Product) $ Buy
  26. Duck Duck Goose by cupcaKKe on Ephorize (cupcaKKe) $ Buy
  27. Lazy (feat. David Byrne) by X-press 2, Fatboy Slim, David Byrne on single (Skint Records Ltd, BMG) $ Buy
  28. Scatman (ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop) by Scatman John on Scatman's World (Iceberg Records) $ Buy
  29. Barry & Joe: Bromance (Gonna Save The World) by Miss Eaves, Lea Anderson on single (Miss Eaves) $ Buy
  30. I'm On A Boat by The Lonely Island on Incredibad (Universal Republic Records, UMG) $ Buy
  31. Krusty Krab Spongebob Trap Remix Vine Theme by William Jacobs on single (Q-PaD) $ Buy
  32. Nyan Cat Theme by Nyan Cat on Nyan Cat Theme (Palm Oaks Entertainment) $ Buy
  33. Super Mario Bros remix - original by Stryker Pose on Super Mario Redux (Faucet Music) $ Buy
  34. Wii Turn Up (Wii Menu Remix) by Murcy (Murcy) $ Buy
  35. Peanut Butter Jelly Time - Radio by Chip-Man & the Buckwheat Boyz (KOCH Records) $ Buy
  36. The Hampster Dance Song by Hampster Dance Masters on The Hampster Dance...........and friends (HDMG) $ Buy
  37. Badger Badger Badger by Mr Weebl on Hands Over Pastry (Weebl's Stuff Records) $ Buy
  38. Ding Dong Song - Radio Edit by Gunther & The Sunshine Girls on Pleasure Man (Extensive Music, Warner Sweden) $ Buy
  39. Dick In A Box by The Lonely Island on Incredibad (Universal Republic Records, UMG) $ Buy
  40. Frolic (Curb Your Enthusiasm Theme) by Luciano Michelini on TV Tunes (-) $ Buy
  41. From God's Perspective by Bo Burnham on what. (Comedy Central Records) $ Buy
  42. Fuck This Shit I'm Out by The Theme Song (The Theme Song) $ Buy