The Revolution Summer 098


  1. Dolorosa by Mineral on Power Of Failing (Crank!)
  2. Smokes, Let's Go by Free Throw on What's Past Is Prolouge (Triple Crown)
  3. Song Silly by toe on Hear You (Top Shelf)
  4. What We Hate, We Make by The Rocket Summer on Calendar Days (The Militia Group)
  5. Cheating The NASA Space Physical by Good Game on Don't Blow It (Self Released)
  6. F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. by The Fall Of Troy on Doppelganger (Equal Vision)
  7. Pants by Lemuria on Get Better (Asian Man)
  8. i never though the silence would be so loud by Cry, The Monarch on if i give up (self released)
  9. As You Were Before. by Stars Hollow on Happy Again (Self Released)
  10. Lock Up by Four Hundred Years on four hundred years (Yuletide)
  11. A Song For The Optimist by Atreyu on Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses (Victory)
  12. 11-10-00 (Long Drive Home) by Breathe In on From This Day On (Bridge Nine)
  13. Flag Pole Sitta by CHiodos on Punk Goes Pop Vol. 2 (Fearless)
  14. I Will Wait by Everyone Asked About You on Shyness Clinic/Everyone Asked About You (Amulet)
  15. 1976 by David Bazan on Alone At The Microphone (Self Released)
  16. Friends With My Sister by Now, Now Every Children on Cars (Afternoon)
  17. Just Stay by The Front Bottoms on Devinyl Split (Self Released)
  18. I Miss the Trees by Dad Jeans on Dad Jeans (Self Released)
  19. Krokodil by Wounded Knee on Discography (Middle Man)
  20. Breathe In The Currency by The Kite-Eating Tree on The Kite-Eating Tree (Self Released)
  21. My Name Is Ozymandias by Gatsbys American Dream on Gatsbys American Dream (Fearless)
  22. Sleeping Weather by Small Brown Bike on Dead Reckoning (No Idea)
  23. 家犬日记 Dog's Diary by Chinese Football on Continue? (Dog Knights)
  24. Dermatillomania by Laura Stevenson on The Big Freeze (Don Giovanni)
  25. Wasting Away by Moderntears' on Thousand Time (Self Released)
  26. dragged around the lawn by American Pleasure Club on Fucking Bliss (Run For Cover)
  27. Midnight Highway by Daphne Loves Derby on Acoustic EP (Self Released)
  28. Pharaohs And Kings by The Chase Theory on Scrapbook (Tribunal)
  29. My Best Theory by Jimmy Eat World on Invented (DGC)