transfiguration #90 walking on streets admiring the flowers that grow in the cracks of broken concrete mix (tina burner)


  1. Journey by Olan Mill on Salaam for Yemen
  2. Ontario Sunshine pt. 3 (feat. Emily Yacina) by Foxes in Fiction
  3. Nostalgic Montage by Salami Rose Joe Louis on Nostalgic Montage
  4. In Spring by Ela Orleans on Movies for Ears: An Introduction to Ela Orleans
  5. Seahorse by Jackie Mendoza on LuvHz
  6. Tiny Dancer by Elsa Hewitt on Citrus Paradisi
  7. One Old Horse in the Dirt and Sun by Clay Beds on Clay Beds
  8. Love Galore by Terry vs. Tori & Tori on Love Galore
  9. What’s the Goodside? by Avey Tare on Cows on Hourglass Pond
  10. Beautiful Katamari by Former Boy on Talking Treasure
  11. Roll Together by Weval on The Weight
  12. You're Adored by Tamaryn on Dreaming the Dark
  13. Patients by Bad Hammer on Patients
  14. Dreamo by Teen Body on Dreamo
  15. The "Courtesy Bath" by Charles
  16. Simulation by Ice Baths on Simulation
  17. Bad Blood by Working Men's Club
  18. Im Park und Café by Die Wände on Im Park und Café
  19. Rave Slave by Low Life on Downer Edn
  20. Helpless by Madeline Kenney on The Sisters / Helpless
  21. Marathon by Kornél Kovács on Marathon
  22. In The Clouds by Drugface on In The Clouds
  23. Cryin by Blue Angels on Sue
  24. I DON'T CARE by 박혜진 park hye jin on If U Want It - EP
  25. Chill 4 A Minute by Regularfantasy on Sunsets & Sublets
  26. One More by yaeji on One More
  27. Sleep Away by 刘柏辛Lexie on Sleep Away
  28. Et Encore by Free Love on Luxury Hits
  29. Sugar Spike (Single Version) by Young Juvenile Youth on Sugar Spike
  30. Ivan Kupala (New Day) [Иван Купала] by Kedr Livanskiy on Your Need