BwGN AM Mixtape #84 – The one for when you're restless and tired

It's been awhile since this show has had a noise complaint. I aim to change that today. Thank you for listening.

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  1. Evangelista II by Carla Bozulich on Evangelista (Constellation)
  2. Yellow Raspberry by Xiu Xiu on La Forêt (5RC)
  3. 10 by Blonde Redhead on In An Expression Of The Inexpressible (Touch and Go)
  4. Fuck This Place by Hanged Up on Clatter For Control (Constellation)
  5. Shaking Hell by Sonic Youth on Confusion Is Sex / Kill Yr. Idols (Geffen)
  6. Clarinet Queen by Elisa Ambrogio on The Immoralist (Drag City)
  7. Waving My Arms by The Birthday Party on Hee-Haw (4AD)
  8. Francine's List by Pink Section on From the Edge of the World: California Punk 1977–1981 (Superior Viaduct)
  9. Age of the Shrug by Kill Me Tomorrow on The Garageman and the Prostitute (Gold Standard Labs)
  10. Infinite Regress by Magik Markers on For Sada Jane (Textile)
  11. Our Trinitone Blast by Stereolab on Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements (Elektra)
  12. In the lassa by Juana Molina on Halo (Crammed Discs)
  13. Blueberry Boat by The Fiery Furnaces on Blueberry Boat (Rough Trade)
  14. New by Eyes Of Love on End Of The Game (Wharf Cat)
  15. Fun Size by Lazy Legs on Lacing/Lazy Legs Split (Bummer)
  16. In The Ditch by Gang Of Four on Hard/Solid Gold (Wounded Bird)
  17. Melon by Duchess Says on Anthologie des 3 pechoirs (Alien8)
  18. Chain Reaction by CONTROL TOP on Covert Contracts (Get Better)
  19. Never Better by Ought on Sun Coming Down (Constellation)
  20. Business Unusual by Flasher on CONSTANT IMAGE (Domino)
  21. Restless and Tired by Lawn on Blood on the Tracks (Forged Artifacts)
  22. King's Dominion by Black Eyes on Black Eyes (Dischord)
  23. The Sound by Petrol Girls on Cut & Stitch (Hassle)
  24. Oh No! Telephone Rings by Cat ON Form on Butterfly Kiss The Tar Of A Thousand Births (Vacuous Pop)
  25. Heliotrope by At The Drive-In on Vaya EP (Fearless)
  26. All You See in Me Is Death by Le Butcherettes on Sin Sin Sin (Rodriguez-Lopez Productions)
  27. Future Home Of Stucco Monstrosity by Drive Like Jehu on Drive Like Jehu (Headhunter/Cargo)
  28. Wild Fires by Bambara on Shadow On Everything (Wharf Cat)