Defy Genre

Two weeks off and hopping between timezones later, No Magic returns with a new live show. This week we feature the new record from Ceschi — Sad, Fat Luck. A wonderfully inventive record that pulls instrumental styles from raw hip-hop, indie rock and all over.


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  1. Houseplants by Squid on Houseplants (Practise Music) $ Buy
  2. Wow and Flutter (7"/EP Alternative Mix) by Stereolab on Wow and Flutter (Warp) $ Buy
  3. Break
  4. Newport by Kinski on Be Gentle With The Warm Turtle (Kill Rock Stars) $ Buy
  5. Break
  6. Lost Touch by Ceschi on Sad, Fat Luck (Fake Four) $ Buy
  7. Rift Valley by Subjective on Act 1: Music for Inanimate Objects (Sony) $ Buy
  8. Chameleon by Emancipator & 9 Theroy on Cheeba Gold (Loci) $ Buy
  9. Break
  10. Take it All Back, Part 1–4 by Ceschi on Sad, Fat Luck (Fake Four) $ Buy
  11. Beatdown City (We Gon' Whup Yo' Ass!) by Open Mike Eagle, 2 Mello, Inverse Phase on Welcome to Beatdown City (Nuchallenger) $ Buy
  12. Ripples by Ian Brown on Ripples (Polydor) $ Buy
  13. Break
  14. On the Luna by Foals on Part 1 Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost (Warner) $ Buy
  15. Hungry Child by Hot Chip on A Bath Full of Ecstacy (Domino) $ Buy
  16. In the End by Röyksopp on Lost Tapes (Dog Triumph) $ Buy
  17. Break
  18. Middle Earth (feat. Sammus) by Ceschi on Sad, Fat Luck (Fake Four) $ Buy
  19. America by Sammus on M'other Brain (Nublack) $ Buy
  20. This Ole King by WHY? on Moh Lhean (Joyful Noise) $ Buy
  21. Break
  22. Love Crimes by Hayden Thorpe on Love Crimes (Domino) $ Buy
  23. You Had Your Soul With You by The National on I Am Easy To Find (4AD) $ Buy
  24. Eos by Mazoulew on Eos (Stereofox) $ Buy
  25. Daybreak by Ceschi on Sad, Fat Luck (Fake Four) $ Buy
  26. Break
  27. Roxbury (feat. Ed O.G. & Nubya Garcia) by DJ Yoda on Roxbury (Lewis Recordings) $ Buy
  28. Something to Hope For by Craig Finn on Something to Hope For (Partisan) $ Buy