1. Samedi Soir by Drums Music Show on Sexi Banana (7
  2. Proviamo A Vivere by Antonella Lualdi on Si, Però...
  3. Over The Rainbow by Aunto Molly Urso
  4. Groovy & Cry Of The Lonely Wolf by Electric Connection on Groovy 12
  5. Addio by Luca on Addio/Piano Disco (7
  6. Geomoshadowdive by Conveniens
  7. Embrio by Miha Kralj
  8. Синя Вечност by Трамваи 5 Tramway No. 5
  9. Every Man (12 Version) by Tchai and Merger
  10. Casanova by LeBaron Disco-Go on Casanova/Please Come Back
  11. Disco Space by Richard Flanger on Splash
  12. Behind The Shades by Andie Oppenheimer on New Mexico
  13. Astro-Show ARD 11.9.1982 by Elizabeth Teissier
  14. Allez viens by Yvana
  15. Željo luda by Milka Čakarun-Lenac
  16. Ping Pong by Epoca on Tu Ricordi Bambole/Ping Pong
  17. Island Sunrise - Edit by -