1. Boo Hoo Hoo by Strapping Fieldhands on Discus (Slitbreeze)
  2. Inflicted by Constant Mogrel on Heavy Breathing (Slitbreeze)
  3. Dead End by Pink Reason on Cleaning the Mirror (Slitbreeze)
  4. Gigolo by Yuzo Iwata on Daylight Moon (Slitbreeze)
  5. Denver Harbor by Charalambides on Houston (Slitbreeze)
  6. Fuckology by Harry Pussy on Harry Pussy (Slitbreeze)
  7. Heaven by The Dead C on Trapdoor Fucking Exit (Slitbreeze)
  8. Watch the Water by The Shadow Ring on Hold Onto I.D. (Slitbreeze)
  9. Red Ford Radio by US Girls on Go Grey (Slitbreeze)
  10. American Boards by People Skills on Tricephalic Head (Slitbreeze)
  11. Aquarius/Gemini by Sarah Mary Chadwick on 9 Classic Tracks (Slitbreeze)
  12. Good Life by Rosali on Out of Love (Slitbreeze)