clementine & pop assortments — 11


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  1. What You Already Know by Sourpatch on Stagger & Fade (Happy Happy Birthday To Me) $ Buy
  2. Blip of Joy by The Drums on Brutalism (ANTI-) $ Buy
  3. Sun's Out by Hoops on Routines (Fat Possum) $ Buy
  4. Apple Blossoms by Nah... on Apple Blossoms (Self Released) $ Buy
  5. The Hatchet Song by Business of Dreams on Ripe for Anarchy (Slumberland) $ Buy
  6. Good Things by Sleater-Kinney on Call The Doctor (Chainsaw) $ Buy
  7. Turtleneck by Elenin on Turtleneck (Don't Fade Away) $ Buy
  8. Natural by Julia Shapiro on Natural (Hardly Art) $ Buy
  9. Someone Tell Me Please by Gigi on Maintenant (Tomlab) $ Buy
  10. Sleight of Hand by Flying Fish Cove on At Moonset (Jigsaw) $ Buy
  11. Eternal by Frankie Cosmos on Haunted Items #3 (Sub Pop) $ Buy
  12. Make it Up by Shady Bug on Lemon Lime (Exploding Sound) $ Buy
  13. Satellite by The Smallgoods on Satellite (Lost & Lonesome) $ Buy
  14. I Love Your Psychedelic Curtains by (The) Nervous Rex on The Longest Summer On Record (Volume One) (Raving Pop Blast!) $ Buy