Episode 51: Denley Hosts, ±vMcÇ Guests

Denley was introduced to ±vMcÇ (Titus Voltaire McCaleb)'s music through bff's own Cosmic Amanda, as Titus is the sound engineer for bff.fm's "Off the Grid" events.  Titus recently released an ep "two. .." and Denley did a phone interview with Titus in which he talks about early musical influences, rave parties in SF in the 90s, his process and more.

±vMcÇ on Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Instagram

Benito, Bézier, Chee, Chrissy, Eric Boss, Headboggle, IDHAZ, Indy Nyles, MC Blabber, Mizu, Mochipet, Normtronics, Pu22l3, TenShun, Rose Droll, Russel E.L. Butler, SOULPLAY, Santo Sangre, The Edomites, The Pendletons, Howard Johnson, Thriftworks, Trkrnr, b.trx, harbour, ±vMcÇ


  1. Intro, ±vMcÇ " two. .." tracks and Interview by N/A
  2. 33 1/3 Pu22l3 Remix by Pu22l3, TenShun on .33 Caliber Special/ShotDrum (Self-Released)
  3. dimmerdust by harbour on Unreleased
  4. Yer Yosi, Is Baliktad by The Edomites on Balisong (Self-Released)
  5. Pineapple Secrets by Thriftworks on CONVOY (Wakaan)
  6. Highly Intellectual (prod. by KutMasta Kurt) by MC Blabber on Unreleased Demos 1993-94 (Threshold Recordings, LLC)
  7. Dada by Normtronics on Evolution of Groove (Self-Released)
  8. book by IDHAZ on drink the wind (True Indigo)
  9. Evidence (feat. Khemmeta) by Mochipet on Microphonepet (Daly City Records)
  10. towards by b.trx on deletemotif (Self-Released)
  11. Bullet (NastyNasty Remix) by Chee on Fear Monger Remixes (Saturate Records)
  12. tonic 120 drums by Benito on Unreleased
  13. Quetzal (Indy Niles Remix) by Santo Sangre on QUETZAL-Limited Edition Release (Sirena Negra Records)
  14. BLK HRT by Indy Nyles on BLK SYSTM - EP (Sirena Negra Records)
  15. 綠館三溫暖 by Bézier on 府城 EP (Honey Soundsystem)
  16. Gulf Stream by Russel E.L. Butler on Petty (Spectral Sound)
  17. Call on Me by Chrissy on Resilience (Chiwax)
  18. Riddle by Rose Droll on Your Dog (Father/Daughter Records)
  19. Dead/Space by Mizu on Soundcloud
  20. Bad Luck by Eric Boss on Bad Luck (Mocambo Records)
  21. SEVEN (feat. NepThePrince) by SOULPLAY on Soundcloud
  22. No Summer Days (feat. Trailer Limon) by Trkrnr on Stimulate / No Summer Days (feat. Trailer Limon) (Voyage Funktastique)
  23. You Do You by The Pendletons, Howard Johnson on You Do You / Life to Me (Bastard Jazz)
  24. Slippy Soul by Headboggle on Polyphonic Demo (Ratskin Records)
  25. Moe Shuffle (Odd Nosdam Remix) by RAYPHAZE on Wobbler (((Cave)) Recordings)