The Hanging Garden Radio Show: Dark Dancing Across The USA Part 1 4/23/19


  1. Push by The Cure on The Head on the Door
  2. Break
  3. Try (Cross My Heart) by Social Station
  4. Devils In the Chemicals by Ego Likeness on Breedless
  5. Cut To Cleanse by Kontravoid on Kontravoid
  6. After Dark by Mr Kitty on Time
  7. Avoiding The Light by Buzz Kull on New Kind Of Cross
  8. We Don't Have To Dance by Actors on It Will Come To You (Artoffact)
  9. Dead Is Calling by Signal Aout 42 on Contrast
  10. In Your Lungs by Street Fever on Enchaine
  11. Pani Lift & Red Locust by Constructed Cold on Respect The Prime
  12. Street Spirit by Priest on Obey
  13. Ritual & Tradition by Angels Of Liberty on Touch The Daemon
  14. Shadows by Twin Tribes on Shadows
  15. Killer by Noisuf-X on Invader
  16. Malebolge For Wasteland by Circle Burn
  17. Swamp Thing by Chameleons UK on Strange Times
  18. The Fall by Shadow Age on The Fall
  19. Dance d'Amour by The 69 Eyes on Paris Kills
  20. The Day by The Exploding Boy on Alarms!
  21. Kristen by Argyle Goolsby on Saturnalia Of The Accursed
  22. I'll Fall With Your Knife by Peter Murphy on Cascade
  23. Devil In Me by Legend on Timeless