The Hanging Garden Radio Show: Dark Dancing Across The USA Part 2 4/30/19


  1. Exterminating Angel by The Creatures on Anima Animus
  2. Over You by Death Loves Veronica on Vampiros Electric
  3. Yr Body Is Nothing by Boy Harsher on Yr Body Is Nothing
  4. Nyxx by Voodoo (feat. Aesthetic Perfection)
  5. Mindless (Accessory Remix) by State Of the Union on Mindless
  6. Black Houses by Missing on Black Houses
  7. Is He Alive by The Purge on Is He Alive
  8. Pin Your Head To The Drywall by Nation Of Teflon Souls
  9. Isolate by Paradise Lost on Symbol Of Life
  10. Celebrate by Ghost Dance on Stop The World
  11. Holding On by Empathy Test on Throwing Stones
  12. Your Addiction by Night Club on Scary World
  13. Pro-Bots And Robophobes by Scandroid on Scandroid
  14. Hex Rx by My Eyes Are Red on X
  15. When We Were Dark by Faith And The Muse on Ankoku Butch
  16. God Of All by VNV Nation on Noire
  17. Ghostdance by Dupont on Intermezzo
  18. Ultrasweaty by The Gothsicles on Squid Icarus
  19. Sterbhilfe by Wynardtage on Waste of Time
  20. Haunted When The Minutes Drag by Love & Rockets on Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven (Beggars Banquet)
  21. Dark Allies by Light Asylum on Tension