creep magnet #88 420


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  1. bam bam by sister nancy on bam bam (vp records) $ Buy
  2. uptown ranking by Althea & Donna on up town ranking (front line) $ Buy
  3. don't you think i'm a lady by the stripes on the stripes (BMG) $ Buy
  4. picture on the wall by phyllis dillon on One Life To Live (Treasure Isle) $ Buy
  5. one life to live by phyllis dillon on one life to live (treasure isle) $ Buy
  6. i am in love by jennifer lara on I Am In Love (Studio One) $ Buy
  7. consider me by jennifer lara on i'm in love (studio one) $ Buy
  8. guys are not proud by the anemic boyfriends on singles (red sweater records) $ Buy
  9. you a fool boy by angela prince on love bump riddim (studio one) $ Buy
  10. deep shadows by little ann on deep shadows (timmion) $ Buy
  11. give love another try by Claudette McLean on claudette mclean (studio one) $ Buy
  12. whisper to me by cecile campbell on cecile campbell (studio one) $ Buy
  13. i'm still in love with you by Marcia Aitken on marcia aitken (studio one) $ Buy
  14. breakfast in bed by Lorna Bennett on this is lorna bennett (EMD) $ Buy
  15. silly bill by mari elliot on poly styrene (GTO) $ Buy
  16. so tough by the slits on cut (island) $ Buy
  17. my whole world by new age steppers on new age steppers (on-u sound) $ Buy
  18. don't know why by susan cadogan on Hurt So Good (Trojan) $ Buy