Pass Go Playlist 3

Coo Coo Birds


  1. Come Together by The Beatles on Abbey Road
  2. Aged Ched by Art Vandeley on Double Dippin' The Chip (Hot Record Societe)
  3. Big Dreams #2 by Unity
  4. 1997, Passing in the Hallway by Martha on Courting Strong
  5. 1967, I Miss You, I'm Lonely by Martha on Courting Strong
  6. Subway Girl by Audacity
  7. Girl On The Street by Sonny and the Sunsets on Antenna To The Afterwold (Polyvinyl)
  8. Single Beaches by Lemme Adams
  9. Cola by Stalls (Vacant Stare)
  10. Cage by Stalls (Vacant Stare)
  11. My Secret To Keep by The She's on Dreamers EP (Self Produced)
  12. Fireproof by The Tropics on Wind House
  13. Change My Ways by Tony Molina
  14. Nowhere To Go by Tony Molina
  15. Can't Believe by Tony Molina on Dissed And Dismissed (Slumberland Records)
  16. Athena by Deborah Poppink on Chasing Lunatics (Treetop Records)
  17. Candlestick by Zip Zilch Nada
  18. TNT by Meat Market on Meat Market
  19. Sasquatch by Bear Lincoln on Bare Lincoln
  20. I Got A Feeling by Coo Coo Birds
  21. Are You My Love by Kelley Stoltz on Double Exposure (Third Man)