Tuff Signals


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  1. Baby by Personal Best on What You At (Sheer Luck Records) $ Buy
  2. South America by Thin Lips on Chosen Family (Lame-O Records) $ Buy
  3. Spicy Pork by Local Teen on Low Vibration (Self Released) $ Buy
  4. We Were Wrong by Good Shade on Way Out (Dirtnap Records) $ Buy
  5. Everyday Things by Swim Team on Everyday Things Single (Self Released) $ Buy
  6. Needles and Yarn by Sin Bad on Sin Bad Wig Split (Self Released) $ Buy
  7. Limousine by Hierophants on Spitting Out Moonlight (Anti-Fade) $ Buy
  8. Cattails by Big Thief on U.F.O.F (4AD) $ Buy
  9. Keep the Change by Mattiel on Satis Factory (ATO Records) $ Buy
  10. Killer by Palehound on Black Friday (Polyvinyl Records) $ Buy
  11. Everybody Here Hates You by Courtney Barnett on Everybody Here Hates You / Small Talk (Milk! Records) $ Buy
  12. Too Bad by No Men on Dear God Bring the Doom (Let's Pretend Records) $ Buy
  13. 2020 Vision by Negative Gears on Negative Gears (Static Shock Records) $ Buy
  14. American Convertible by The Stools on When I Left (Third Man Records) $ Buy
  15. Good Time Charlie by Priests on The Seduction of Kansas (Sister Polygon Records) $ Buy
  16. Running by Gauche on A People's History of Gauche (Self Released) $ Buy
  17. Yr Such a Dude by Arre! Arre! on Tell Me All About Them (PNKSLM) $ Buy
  18. Floating Hand by Nots on 3 (Gonner Records) $ Buy
  19. Shark Eyes by Wine Lips on Stressor (Self Released) $ Buy
  20. Ain't Life Easy by Los Pepes on Positive Negative (Self Released) $ Buy
  21. Shibboleth by Pinch Points on Moving Parts (Six Tonnes De Chair) $ Buy
  22. Pyramid Estate by Drahla on Useless Coordinates (Captured Tracks) $ Buy
  23. Crazy Maraca by Black Maracas on Prehistoric Ghost (Burger Records) $ Buy
  24. Burner by Leggy on Let Me Know Your Moon (Sheer Luck Records) $ Buy
  25. Olive Green by The Lonely Parade on The Pits (Buzz Records) $ Buy
  26. The 15th by Cherry on Strong (Lame-O Records) $ Buy
  27. Tinted Light by Monica LaPlante on Tinted Light Single (Self Released) $ Buy
  28. Your Bicep by France Camp on Dark Floral (Forged Artifacts) $ Buy
  29. Green Eyes by THICK on THICK (Self Released) $ Buy
  30. Say My Name by Summer Cannibals on Full Of It (Kill Rock Stars) $ Buy
  31. Tunel by La Plata on 01 3 2019 (Sonido Muchacho) $ Buy
  32. Be Bop Palooza by Bee Bee Sea on Be Bop Palooza (Wild Honey Records) $ Buy
  33. Delicacy by OMNI on Delicacy b/w I Don't Dance (Sub Pop) $ Buy
  34. Dreamer by The Jackets on Queen of the Pill (Voodoo Rhythm) $ Buy
  35. Hologram by Tacocat on This Mess Is a Place (Sub Pop Records) $ Buy