House of Love Episode #29 All Things Punk!


  1. Anarchy in the U.K. by Sex Pistols on Nevermind the Bollocks (1977)
  2. Advice From Christmas Past by Dead Kennedys on Plastic Surgery Disasters (reissue) (1982)
  3. Forest Fire by Dead Kenndys on Plastice Surgery Disasters/In God We Trust (1988)
  4. Six Pack by Black Flag on Damage (1981)
  5. Punk Rock Girl by Dead Milkmen on Beelzebubba (1988)
  6. Judy Is A Punk by Ramones on Ramones (1976)
  7. Fuck You by Antidote on My life (1986)
  8. What Do I Get? - 1996 Remastered Version by Buzzcocks on Another Music in a Different State (1996)
  9. Amoeba by Adolescents on Adolescents (1985)
  10. Your Generation by Generation X on Generation X (1978)
  11. Pedal To the Metal by Wendy O. Williams on Bump N Grind (1983)
  12. Cherry Bomb by The Runaways on The Runaways (1976)
  13. Big A Little A by Crass on Christ - The Album (1982)
  14. Oh Bondage Up Yours! by X-Ray Spex on Germ Free Adolescents: The Anthology (1978)
  15. Live Fast Die Young by Circle Jerks on Group Sex (1980)
  16. Two Tub Man by The Dictators on Go Girl Crazy (1975)
  17. People Who Died by The Jim Carroll Band on Catholic Boy (1980)
  18. Banned In D.C. by Bad Brains on Bad Brains (1996)
  19. Human Fly by The Cramps on Off the bone (1983)
  20. Jet Boy Jet Girl by Elton Motello on Victim of Time (1978)
  21. Into The Valley by Skids on Scared To Dance (1979)
  22. Waiting room by Fugazi on 13 Songs (1989)
  23. Adult Books by X on Wild Gift (1981)
  24. Typical Girls by The Slits on Cut (1979)
  25. Teenage Lobotomy by Ramones on Rocket To Russia (1977)
  26. Guilty Of Being White by Minor Threat on First Two 7s (1984)
  27. Personality Crisis by New York Dolls on New York Dolls (1973)
  28. Let's Have A War by Fear on The Fear Record (1983)
  29. Time Bomb by Rancid on ...And Out comes the Wolves (1995)
  30. Born In Xixax by Nina Hagen on Nunsexmonkrock (1980)
  31. We Are All We Have by The Casualties on We Are All We Have (2009)