Jam Gemz #26


  1. Tuck by Katie Gately on Color (Triangle)
  2. Exorciseur by La Femme on Mystère (Disque Pointu)
  3. E.V.A. by Jean-Jacques Perrey on Moog Indigo (Vanguard Records)
  4. Hot Pants in the Summercamp by VIDEOTAPEMUSIC on Souvenir (180g)
  5. Spellwork by Austra on Feel It Break (Domino)
  6. Plastic Doll by Dharma on Plastic Doll (System Music)
  7. Marlene by Peter Richard on Frozen Red (LP) (Goodymusic Music Production)
  8. Versus by Ladytron on Velocifero (Nettwek Productions)
  9. Freak-A-Holic by The Egyptian Lover on Vintage Future (Clone)
  10. Bulldozer by Beverly on The Blue Swell (Kanine Records)
  11. Border Line by King Krule on 6 Feat Beneath The Moon (True Panther Sounds)
  12. Dolphins by Fred Neil on The Many Sides Neil (Capitol)
  13. Come Softly to Me by The Roches on Another World (Warner Bros.)
  14. So Beguiled by The Soundcarriers on Entropicalia (Ghost Box)
  15. Love Beat by Yoshinori Sunahara on Pan Am the Sound of the 70's (Bungalow Records)
  16. Destiny by Vivien Vee on Destiny (Market srl)
  17. Shopping Cart by Parallel Dance Ensemble on Possesions and Obsessions (Permanent Vacation)
  18. Temptation by New Order on TOTAL (Rhino)
  19. Love Songs by Margo Guryan on 25 Demos (Oglio Records)
  20. burning airlines give you so much more by brian eno on Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy (Virgin )
  21. Stupid in Love by Wavves on You're Welcome (Ghost Ramp)
  22. Why That Person? by Bunny Girls on Beautiful Rivers and Mountains: The Psychadelic Rock Sound of South Korea's Shin Joong Hyun (Light in the Attic)
  23. Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours by The Smiths on Strangeways, Here We Come (Rough Trade)
  24. It's Gonna Take an Airplane by Destroyer on Your Blues (Trifekta Records)
  25. Savior by St. Vincent on MASSEDUCATION (Loma Vista)