1. everyones in love with you by David byrne on look into the eyeball (virgin)
  2. pigmeat by babysticks and the kingtones on 60's jungle garage teen beat (master classics)
  3. boots by fred frith on beets (cryptic)
  4. medicine man by machete ensemble of SF on beets (cryptic)
  5. blue from the dark by Drinks on Hippo Lite (Drag City)
  6. weasil by donald byrd on blue break beats vol.1 (blue note)
  7. the african look by the artistic heritage ensemble on the african look/black beauty (zulu)
  8. Song Of The Second Moon by Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan on song of the second moon (limelight)
  9. night of the wolf by Al Foster band on jazz spectrum (blue note)
  10. real outside by DRINKS on Hippo lite (drag city)
  11. astrosonic by jimmie haskall orchestra on astrosonic (crystal)
  12. destroy the nihlistic picnic by the experimental jazz quartet on invisible roots (scratch)
  13. song for my lady by louiz banks on explorations (EMI)
  14. Ayo Ayo Nene by Mor Thiam on Dini Safarrar (drums of fire) (Jazzman)
  15. hippopotamus by yambu on al santiago prestents yambu (montuno)
  16. knocked out joint on mars by buck trail on 1957 (jubilee)
  17. slow drag by donald Byrd on slow drag (blue note)
  18. No Jive by The Derrick Frank Total Experience on you betcha!: live at fiddlers 1974 (PS)
  19. the lion is awake by the five notes on jungle exotica (lucky four)
  20. frankensteins den by the mighty el dukes on northwest grease (norten)
  21. yolk by family soul on jazz spectrum (blue note)
  22. The Dropper by Medeski, Martin and Wood on big time (blue note)
  23. ducks by DRINKS on hippo lite (drag city)
  24. reptology by snakefinger on beets (cryptic)
  25. the jezebel spirit by brian eno, david byrne on my life in the bush of ghosts (nonesuch)